"Observation of e+e- ->gamma+X(3872) atBESIII"

Participants : Xin, Yumo, Ryuta

Comments :

* The Fig.1 (pi+pi-J/psi invariant mass distribution) is plotted
with log scale, and what reason we can assume ?
-- Since the background level in the plot is really low,
with the tall and sharp Psi' peak, we can not identify the
the peak structure around 3872 well by a linear scaling.  (Yumo)

* Is there any discription/derived information about the state of
X(3872), namely,  a hadronic molecule or a tetraquark state.
--  At the last paragraph, we can find a descrption as
"the measured relative large gammaX(3872) production rate near 4.260 GeV
is similar to the model dependent calculations in Ref.[15] where the Y(4260)
is taken as a DbarD1 molecule. " (Xin)

Suggestion : (Xin)

We can think about the enlargement of the journal club like
a cominabtion of two or more parts:
The first part(~30min.) is as usual, a speaker freely picks up papers/topic,
and then the second part(~30min. ?) starts right after that.

The candidate of the second part is,
* Feature talk (like we have once tried during the Monday DT&NP meeting)
* "Who is who" -- series of an introduction of a (famous) person and what he/she have achieved.
* Explanation/discussion of technical details
and so on. Let's consider those.