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Insights for hypernuclear interactions from light hypernuclei

by Prof. Nogga Andreas

Friday, September 27, 2019 from to (Asia/Shanghai)
I will present recent results for various versions of chiral hyperon-nucleon interactions 
for A=3 to 7 hypernuclei. After a brief introduction to the Faddeev/Yakubovsky and 
no-core shell shell model techniques for the prediction of binding energies, I estimate 
the size of possible higher order contributions to $\Lambda$ separation energies, especially 
three-baryon forces. Finally, I will discuss how a possible increase of the hypertriton
$\Lambda$ separation energy affects results for other hypernuclei. 

About the speaker:
Prof. Andreas Nogga

2007-, Staff Scientist, IKP-3 & IAS-4, FZ Ju ̈lich
2016-2017, Visiting Professor, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
2007, Staff Scientist, TRIUMF, Vancouver, B.C.,declined
2004-2007, Research Associate, IKP, FZ Ju ̈lich
2003-2004, Research Associate, INT, Seattle, Washington
2001-2003, Research Associate, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
1995-2001, Research Assistant, Ruhr-Universita ̈t Bochum
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