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17-19 January 2020
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 86

downname institution position city country/region
BAI, Xuhong University of Jinan   济南 China
CHAI, Xinyu Lanzhou university Lanzhou Lanzhou China
Mr. CHANG, hengzhen School of physics, Sun Yat sen University   Guangzhou,Guangdong China
Mr. CHEN, Chen Nankai University   Tian Jin China
CHUANXIN, Cui 吉林大学物理学院   changchun China
Ms. GUO, Mengjiao Shandong University   Qingdao China
Ms. GUO, Yitong NKU   Tianjin China
Mr. GUO, peng University of South China china Hengyang China
Ms. HUANG, zhenxiu Guangxi Normal University   GUILIN China
Mr. HU, Yu Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Ms. JIANG, Xinyi NKU   Tianjin China
Mr. JIAWEI, zhang IHEP   beijing China
JUNHUI, Pei IHEP   beijing China
Dr. KE, Bai-Cian Shanxi Normal university   Linfen China
Mr. LIANG, Yun ZhengZhou University   ZhengZhou China
LIAO, Yipu 吉林大学物理学院   Changchun China
LI, Cong Northeast Normal University   Changchun China
Mr. LI, Huazhen Nankai University   Tianjin China
LI, Hui Shanxi Normal University   Linfen China
Mr. LI, Lanxing Nankai University   Tianjin China
Ms. LI, Sangya NKU   Tianjin China
Mr. LIU, Gengxi University of South China   Hengyang China
LIU, Meihong Fudan University   shanghai China
Mr. LIU, Wei University of South China   Hengyang China
Mr. LIU, Weike Nankai University   Tianjin China
Mr. LIU, haoran university of south china   hengyang China
Ms. LIU, mengyao Shandong University   Qingdao China
LIU, weimin University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
LI, Yangu school of physics Peking Uniersity Undergraduate Beijing China
Ms. LU, Liu NKU Tianjin Tianjin China
Mr. MA, Junli Nankai University   Tianjin China
MA, Yao Peking University   Beijing China
Ms. NGUYEN, Thi Nin NKU   tianjin China
Mr. OU, Lifeng NKU   Tianjin China
Mr. QIU, Pengcheng Hunan university Graduate student Changsha,hunan province China
Ms. SHI, qianqian Shandong University   Qingdao China
SONG, Weimin Jilin University   Changchun China
Mr. SONG, Yunxuan Peking University   Beijing China
TANG, Benhao Nankai University   Tianjin China
TAN, Yinghua Wuhan University   Wuhan China
TENG, Jiaxiu USTC   Hefei China
Mr. WANG, Hongjian Lanzhou University   Beijing China
Ms. WANG, Jiahui NKU   Tianjjn China
Mr. WANG, Shijie Nankai University   Tianjin China
Mr. WANG, Shudong Nankai University   Tianjin China
Mr. WANG, Shun Fudan University   Shanghai China
Mr. WANG, Tengjiao NKU   Tianjin China
Mr. WANG, Zhichao 湖南师范大学物理与电子科学学院 Undergraduate Changsha China
WANG, yunyu Lanzhou University   Lanzhou China
WENYU, Sun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. WU, Linghui IHEP   Beijing China
WU, Yan USTC   He Fei China
Mr. WU, lianjin 高能所 Postdoc Beijing China
Mr. XIE, Yong Shandong University   Qingdao China
Mr. XU, Xiangyu Nankai University   Tianjin China
XU, yue Liaoning university   shenyang China
Mr. XU, zepeng Nanjing university   Nanjing China
Ms. YANG, Jiayue College of physics, Jilin University   Changchun China
Mr. YUAN, Jiarong Nankai University   Tianjin China
ZENG, yu Hunan Normal University student Changsha China
Mr. ZHANG, honghong 广西师范大学   桂林 China
Dr. ZHAO, Minggang Nankai University   Tianjin China
Ms. ZHAO, jing Liaoning Normal university   Da Lian China
Dr. ZHENG, Bo University of South China   Hengyang China
ZHENG, shuai SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY   Guangzhou China
Ms. ZHOU, yizhuo Henan Normal University   beijing China
Mr. ZHUO, Xue Hunan normal university   changsha China
Mr. ZHU, Shiqiang Nanjing University   Nanjing China
刘, 英 Lanzhou University   lanzhou China
Ms. 吕, 翌丰 吉林大学   长春 China
Mr. 吴, 翔宇 吉林大学   信阳市 China
Dr. 周, 兴玉 北航   Beijing China
Mr. 安, 美儒 liaoning Normal University   Da Lian China
康辉, 祁 近物所   lanzhou China
Mr. 朱, 林 河南师范大学   新乡 China
Dr. 李, 刚 高能所   北京 China
Dr. 杜, 然 高能所   Beijing China
Mr. 梁, 浩 Jilin University Student Changchun China
Mr. 沈, 宏飞 IHEP   北京 China
Ms. 王, 文欢 武汉大学   武汉市 China
王, 菲 南华大学   衡阳 China
田, 文辉 山西师范大学   临汾 China
蔡, 紫菁 Peking University   Beijing China
许, 昭燊 Lanzhou University   Lan zhou China
Mr. 赵, 恒炜 兰州大学   兰州 China
Ms. 韩, 文颖 Liaoning Normal Unviersity   Dalian China