On-line seminar series II on “RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment” 2021


Non-equilibrium Effective Theory and Hydrodynamics Fluctuations

Speaker: Yi Yin (IMP)

Time: Mar. 2 (Tuesday) 6:00am (San Fransisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 7:30pm(New Delhi), 10:00pm (Beijing), 11:00pm (Tokyo)

Abstract: In small colliding systems and near the QCD critical point, the role of hydrodynamic fluctuations can be significant. Very recently, the non-equilibrium effective field theory (EFT) of fluctuating hydrodynamics has been formulated based on the principle of symmetry[1]. With this new formulation, a number of novel phenomena have been uncovered, even in problems that have been studied extensively before. In this talk, I will present two examples of the application of non-equilibrium EFT to relativistic hydrodynamics and discuss their implication to beam-energy scan and system size scan physics. In the first example, we report the first complete leading order analysis of the effects of hydrodynamic fluctuations on stress-energy tensor correlators [2]. We shall show hydrodynamic fluctuations not only modify the dispersion of sound and shear modes but also lead to intriguing implications to the thermalization time of QGP. In the second example, we study the combined effects of the chiral magnetic current and hydrodynamic fluctuations. We find a finite contribution to the conductivity, the contribution of which might be relevant to the interpretation of negative magneto-resistivity observed in Weyl semi-metals [3]. Near the critical point, our preliminary analysis finds new critical behavior of the bulk viscosity and conductivity due to the fluctuation and propagation of chiral magnetic wave [4]. If time permitted, I would sketch the steps towards simulating non-equilibrium EFT on quantum computers.

[1] M. Crossley, P. Glorioso, and H. Liu, Effective field theory of dissipative fluids, JHEP 1709 (2017) 9.

[2] Chris Lau, Hong Liu and Yi Yin, to appear. 

[3] Noriyuki Sogabe, Naoki Yamamoto and Yi Yin, to appear.

[4] Noriyuki Sogabe, Naoki Yamamoto and Yi Yin, in progress.

Chair: Thomas Schaefer

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