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CEPC International Advisory Committee:
Barry Barish, Caltech                                                 
Hesheng Chen, IHEP, CAS                                    
Michel Davier, LAL
Marcel Demarteau, ORNL                                                                                 
Brian Foster, DESY/U. Hamburg                        
Rohini Godbole, CHEP/Bangalore                          
David Gross, UC, Santa Barbara                                
George Hou, Taiwan U.                                         
Peter Jenni, CERN / ALUF
Young-Kee Kim (Chair), U. Chicago
Eugene Levichev, BINP                                          
Lucie Linssen , CERN                                                           
Joe Lykken, Fermilab                                                  
Luciano Maiani, U. Rome                                           
Michelangelo Mangano, CERN                                             
Hitoshi Murayama, IPMU / UC Berkeeley
Tatsuya Nakada, EPFL                    
Katsunobu Oide, KEK                                                
Robert Palmer, BNL                   
John Seeman, SLAC                                                                                
Ian Shipsey, Oxford                                                      
Steinar Stapnes, CERN                                           
Geoffrey Tayler, U. Melbourne