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LHCb UT Tracker Construction

by Dr. Xuhao Yuan (Syracuse University)

Sunday, September 26, 2021 from to (Asia/Shanghai)
During the LHC Run1&2 the LHCb experiment has successfully performed a large number of high precision measurements in heavy flavor physics, using 5/fb of pp collision data at center-of-mass energies of 7, 8 and 13 TeV. For further physics research LHCb detector will undergo an upgrade during the Long Shutdown of LHC, with the aim to be operated at higher instant luminosity and to collect 50 fb-1 of data by 2028. The Upstream Tracker (UT) is a silicon strip tracking detector being constructed as part of this upgrade. The UT will provide a fast momentum measurement for the trigger as well as function as part of the overall tracking system where it will severely reduce the presence of “ghost” tracks.

The UT Tracker consists of ~1000 ~10x10 cm^2 silicon strip sensors, with custom ASIC readout chips (SALT) arranged as modules containing flex hybrid circuits and ceramic substrates. These modules are to be mounted on staves, which are lightweight CFRP and foam sandwich structure supports having integrated CO2 cooling. The design details of the UT Tracker staves and modules will be presented, as well as construction procedures, optical QA feed back, wire bonds, etc.

About the speaker:

Dr Xuhao Yuan received his PhD from Nankai University in 2011. After that he joined the LHCb experiment and worked in Tsinghua University, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia and Syracuse Univeristy, U.S.. His research areas include the phenomenology in hadron spectrum, structure, decays; B hadron production, spectroscopy, CPV studies at LHCb. Owing to his significant contributions, he was appointed to serve as the convener of the subgroups of “exotica” under the Physics Working Group “B hadron and Quarkonium” in 2017 and then selected as the convener of the “Production and Polarization” subgroup in 2018. From 2017, Dr. Xuhao Yuan joined the LHCb UT group and works in the UT detector construction.


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