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14-15 October 2010
Convention Center of Beihang University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The aim of the symposium is to bring together active scientists in Nuclear Physics in Asia and discuss the present status and future perspective of Nuclear Physics in the Asian area. We would like to enhance collaboration in Nuclear physics in Asia for both research and education of young scientists. Beihang University starts activity in Nuclear Physics and Engineering and is looking for possible ways to contribute the enhancement of collaboration in the area of Nuclear Science. 

Scientific Organizing Committee

J. P. Huai (co-chair)[BUAA], W. P. Liu[CIAE], J.Meng[BUAA], H. Sakurai*[RIKEN], I. Tanihata (co-chair)[BUAA, Osaka], H. Toki[Osaka], H. S. Xu[IMP-Lanzhou], Y. L. Ye[Peking], L.H. Zhu[BUAA]

Local Organizing Committee

Lisheng Geng, Baohua Sun, Xiaoyun Le, Gaolong Zhang, Shisheng Zhang, Yujie Zhang


Hongya Cai, Kuixing Zhang


Registration can be made either online via the registration form or by sending an e-mail containing the following information to tanihta_at_rcnp.osaka-u.ac.jp.

The first and the last name:


e-mail address:

I want the organizer reserve *** hotel for the nights of 13, 14, 15 

I arrange the accommodation my self.

 Available hotels are:

 Training center of Beihang University ~280 Yuan/day

 Vision hotel located next to the University ~500 Yuan/day

I would like to deliver a talk on  .

 (There will not be many spaces for the talks so that ,most likely) we are going to select the talk)


We have reserved a number of rooms for the participants of this workshop in the following two hotels. Both are within walking distance to the symposium venue (approximately 5 minutes). You can contact the hotel of your choice by yourself or send us your request and we will make the reservation for you.

    • Training center of Beihang University ~280 Yuan/day

    • Vision hotel located next to the University ~500 Yuan/day

Invited speakers

X. D. Ji (Shaghai Jiaotong U.)*

W. P. Liu (CIAE)


Y,-L Wu (CAS-ITP)*

G. Q. Xiao (CAS-IMP)*

H. S. Xu (CAS-IMP)*

Y. L. Ye (Beking U.)

H. Q. Zhang (CIAE)

W. L. Zhan(CAS)*

S. G. Zhou (CAS-ITP)*

B. S. Zou (CAS-IHEP)*

Don. -P. Min (Korea)*

K. Hatanaka (RCNP, Osaka U.)

H. Horiuchi (RCNP, Osaka U)

T. Kishimoto (Osaka U.)

S. Kubono (CNS, U of Tokyo)

T. Nakano (RCNP, Osaka U)

K. Ozawa (U. of tokyo)

H. Sakai (RIKEN)

H. Sakurai (RIKEN)

S. Shimoura (CNS, U. Tokyo)

H. Tamura (Tohoku U.)

* need confirmation