Symposium on Jet Quenching and High-Energy Nuclear Collisions

9409 (CCNU, Wuhan, China)


CCNU, Wuhan, China


Jet quenching has been one of the most important signatures of quark-gluon plasma created in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The last 30+ years have witnessed many significant breakthroughs in our understanding of the interaction between jets and the strongly-interacting nuclear medium.

This symposium brings the experts together to discuss recent exciting developments, current theoretical and experimental challenges, and new ideas on future directions in jet physics and other related topics in high-energy pp, pA and AA collisions.

The symposium will take place in Otc. 22-23, 2022 in Wuhan, China.

Organizers: Shanshan Cao (SDU), Wei-Tian Deng (HUST), Jian-Hua Gao (SDU), Long-Gang Pang (CCNU), Guang-You Qin (CCNU),  Huichao Song (PKU), Hongxi Xing (SCNU), Ben-Wei Zhang (CCNU), Han-Zhong Zhang (CCNU), Jian Zhou (SDU)

Secretaries: Shengtai Li, Ya Ma, Qiang Yuan

The agenda of this meeting is empty