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PKU HEP Seminar and Workshop (北京大学高能物理组)

Chameleon Gravity: From Dark Side of Universe to Particle Physics

by Dr Taishi Katsuragawa (Institute of Astrophysics of Central China Normal University)


This talk will briefly review the chameleon mechanism in modified gravity and its applications to cosmology and particle physics.
In the F(R) gravity theory, which includes an extra scalar field, scalaron, in addition to the graviton, the scalaron can be a candidate of dark energy to drive the late-time accelerated expansion of the Universe.
Although the scalaron plays the role of dark energy in cosmology, it can be treated as a new particle in particle physics, which will lead us to a new paradigm to unify dark energy and dark matter in a framework of F(R) gravity theory.
Considering the chameleon mechanism of the scalaron, we discuss the possibility that the scalaron is a new dark matter candidate.

Dr. Taishi Katsuragawa received his Ph.D. from Nagoya University in 2017. 
After working in postdoctoral research positions at Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute and Central China Normal University, he joined in Institute of Astrophysics of Central China Normal University as an associate professor. 
His research interests are the modified gravity theory and its applications to particle cosmology and astrophysics.

Tencent Meeting ID: 804-677-134