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ZIMP Seminars

Multi-messenger probes of dark matter surrounding a black hole

by Kenji Kadota (門田健司) (国科大杭州高等研究院)



The nature of dark matter, such as its mass and interactions, remains elusive despite the convincing evidence for its existence from the astrophysical observations.
The environment around the black hole can provide us a promising playground to study the dark matter properties due to the large density of dark matter accreting to the black hole.
I will explore the multi-messenger probes on the dark matter in the vicinity of black holes. More concretely, I will discuss how the gravitational waves can probe the dark matter effects on the black hole binary evolution, and how the enhanced dark matter annihilation around a black hole can be probed by the neutrinos and the multi-wavelength signals covering the radio, CMB and gamma rays.


Kenji Kadota (門田健司),国科大杭州高等研究院特聘副研究员。1999年获英国曼彻斯特理工大学学士学位,2004年获美国加州大学伯克利分校物理学博士学位,随后在费米实验室、明尼苏达大学、密歇根大学开展博士后研究。2011年至2014年担任日本名古屋大学理论物理学组助理教授,2014年至2021年担任韩国基础科学研究所IBS宇宙理论物理中心(CTPU)科学家,并于2021年入职国科大杭州高等研究院基础物理与数学科学学院。他的研究兴趣主要包括早期宇宙暴涨理论、粒子物理唯象理论、宇宙的大尺度结构形成等。