Hadron spectroscopy and interactions from lattice QCD

by Prof. liuming Liu


Abstract: Precise study of hadron spectroscopy plays a key role in the understanding of the strong interactions and its underlying theory -- quantum chromodynamics(QCD). In the last two decades, large amount of new hadronic states beyond the conventional quark model were observed in experiments. These new discoveries inspired a resurgence of interests in the study of hadron spectroscopy. Lattice QCD is a fundamental method to study strong interactions non-perturbatively from first principles. In this talk, I first elaborate the general methodology of lattice calculations of hadron spectroscopy and interactions, and then present the recent results on some exotic hadrons, including the hidden-charm pentaquarks, the doubly-charmed tetraquark Tcc and the H-dibaryon.

中国科学院近代物理研究所研究员。2002 年本科毕业于武汉大学,获得学士学位,2005 年于北京大学物理学院获得硕士学位,同年赴美国威廉玛丽学院攻读博士学位,2010年获得博士学位之后, 先后在爱尔兰都柏林圣三一学院和德国波恩大学从事博士后研究工作。2017 年 12 月开始在中国科学院近代物理研究所任研究员。研究领域为格点量子色动力学,研究工作主要集中在的用格点量子色动力学的方法研究强子谱与奇特强子态。