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Time-dependent CP violation measurement at LHCb

by Peilian Li (CERN)


CP violation in the decays of neutral B mesons can be attributed to the interference between decay amplitudes with and without mixing, resulting in a measurable CP-violating phase, β(s). Precise measurements of the mixing phases of neutral B mesons are of paramount importance in validating the CP violation paradigm within the Standard Model and exploring potential new physics beyond it. Tree-level $b\to c\bar{c}q$ transitions offer golden modes for these measurements, allowing for clean and precise determinations. Additionally, measuring mixing phases in modes influenced by penguin diagrams provides a means to probe new physics contributions in loop processes. In this presentation, I will introduce the latest time-dependent measurements of B0 and Bs mixing phases conducted at LHCb, showcasing the most precise results to date. These results significantly advance our understanding of CP violation and pave the way for potential discoveries of new physics phenomena.

About the speaker:

Peilian Li is a Senior Research Fellow at CERN and serves as the convener of the Beauty to Charmanium & Charmless physics working group in the LHCb collaboration. She obtained her Ph.D in Particle Physics from University of Science and Technology of China in 2019, where she studied the charm baryon decays and spectroscopy of exotic states at the BESIII experiment. Later on she joined in Heidelberg University as a postdoctoral researcher, working on the LHCb experiment. Her research focus on the measurements of CP violation and the real-time analysis for the LHCb Upgrade trigger, with major contribution to the tracking reconstruction and calibration. She is also actively involved in the Run 3 commissioning for the monitoring of detector and reconstruction performance.