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PKU HEP Seminar and Workshop (北京大学高能物理组)

Matrix Theories from Nonrelativistic Strings

by Dr Ziqi Yan (Nordita, the Nordic Institutefor Theoretical Physics,Sweden)

B105 (CHEP)




I will revisit the Matrix quantum mechanical description of M-theory and build a unified duality web of BPS-like decoupling limits that are centered around BFSS Matrix theory. I will build such a duality web through the looking glass of novel string worldsheet theories that exhibit nonrelativistic behaviors. I will show how this duality web unifies Matrix theories with string theories that are nonrelativistic, tensionless, ambitwistor, and Carrollian, as well as the ones that are related to the Spin Matrix limits of AdS/CFT. I will also comment on potential applications to the AdS/CFT correspondence and flat space holography.

燕子骐于2012年获南京大学天文系学士学位,2017年获美国加州大学伯克利分校物理系博士学位。后于2017年至2020年间在加拿大圆周理论物理所进行博士后研究。2020年至2022年间为瑞典北欧理论物理所的Nordita Fellow,2022年至今为该所的Marie Curie Individual Fellow。


Organized by

Prof. Bin Chen