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PKU HEP Seminar and Workshop (北京大学高能物理组)

Gauge-redundant digitizations of lattice field theories on a Quantum Computer

by Prof. Ying-Ying Li (USTC)

B105 (CHEP)




Quantum simulation of High Energy Physics (HEP) has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Nevertheless, there is a continuous need for advancements in the overall simulation framework given the constraints imposed by limited quantum resources and contamination from quantum errors. I will discuss a specific foundational element - digitization, a crucial method for encoding field variables into qubits. This is particularly relevant for gauge theories with local symmetry and field variables of infinite dimension. During the talk, I will explore the connection between gauge theory digitization methods and approximate error correction codes, present the existence of error thresholds below which the gauge-redundant digitization combined with error correction has better fidelity than the gauge-fixed digitization.

李英英,中国科学技术大学副研究员。2019年获香港科技大学博士学位,2019-2022年在美国费米国家加速器实验室理论组从事博士后研究,2023年加入中国科学技术大学,主要从事高能物理理论和唯象学的国际前沿工作,范围涵盖直接或间接探索新物理, 发展相关机器学习方法、量子计算技术等,至今在PRL等国际一流期刊发表重要学术论文20余篇。


Organized by

Prof. Jing Shu