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Yaquan's Group Meeting

New Building 707 (IHEP)

New Building 707


Tencent meeting number: 368 6528 4381
    • 1
      Chao Yang
    • 2
      Pan Huang
    • 3
      Mustapha Biyabi
    • 4
      Hirmans Tabaharizato
      Speaker: Hirmans Tabaharizato (Institute of High Energy Physics, UCAS)
    • 5
      Liyan Qian
      Speaker: Liyan Qian
    • 6
      Pei Junle
      Speaker: Junle Pei
    • 7
      Shudong Wang
      Speaker: Shudong Wang (高能所)
    • 8
      Zhan Li
      Speaker: Zhan Li (IHEP)
    • 9
      Qiyu Sha
      Speakers: Qiyu Sha, Qiyu Sha
    • 10
      Fangyi Guo
      Speaker: Fangyi Guo (IHEP)
    • 11
      Abdualazem Fadol
      Speaker: Abdualazem Mohammed (Institute of High Energy Physics)
    • 12
      Kaili Zhang
      Speaker: Kaili Zhang (IHEP)