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CEPC ToF & outer tracker

604 (多学科)




 zoom:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88395113498?pwd=Dm3ssy8pUdzECS9BSPPbcpzOnkpSRL.1

HostKey 主持人密钥: 406069

Password 会议密码: 949362





1. the thermal simulation results of the cooling for ASIC without optimization


2. the occupancy of the electronics 


3. the simulation of the hit rate of the  CEPC ToF with ECAL included

    • 1
      Simulation of the cooling for CEPC ToF & Outer tracker
      Speaker: Jinyu Fu (高能所)
    • 2
      Occupancy update
      Speaker: Dr Yunyun Fan(樊云云) (IHEP)
    • 3
      simulation of the hit rate backgroud
      Speaker: Zhan Li (IHEP)