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The need for an early anti-neutrino run of NO$\nu$A

Not scheduled
A214 (IHEP)



Neutrino Oscillation Physics


Mr Ushak Rahaman (IIT Bombay)


The moderately large value of $\theta_{13}$, measured recently by reactor experiments, is very welcome news for upcoming accelerator experiments. In particular, the NO$\nu$A experiment, with 3 years of $\nu$ run followed by an equal $\bar{\nu}$ run, will be able to determine the mass hierarchy if one of the following two favorable combinations is true: normal hierarchy with $-180^\circ \leq \dcp \leq 0$ or inverted hierarchy with $0\leq \dcp \leq 180^\circ$. In this work, we study the hierarchy reach of the first 3 years of NO$\nu$A data. Since $\sin^2 2 \theta_{23}$ is measured to be non-maximal, $\theta_{23}$ can be either in the lower or higher octant. The true octant of $\theta_{23}$ has a deep impact on the hierarchy reach of early NO$\nu$A data. With the present uncertainty of $10\%$ in $\sin^2 2 \theta_{13}$, equal 1.5 year $\nu$ and $\bar{\nu}$ runs have better hierarchy determination capability compared to a pure 3 year $\nu$ run. Daya Bay expects to reduce the uncertainty in $\sin^22\theta_{13}$ to $5\%$. Such a reduction improves the hierarchy reach of a 3 year $\nu$ run for two of the four octant-hierarchy combinations, but still fails to give any sensitivity for the other two. However, equal 1.5 year $\nu$ and $\bar{\nu}$ runs have reasonable hierarchy sensitivity for all four combinations.

Primary author

Mr Ushak Rahaman (IIT Bombay)


Mr Suprabh Prakash (IIT Bombay) Mr Uma Sankar Sankhagiri (IIT Bombay)

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