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List of registrants

Number of participants: 149

name institution position upcity country/region
Dr. HERNANDEZ-RUIZ, Maria de los Angeles Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas   Zacatecas Mexico
Dr. GUTIERREZ-RODRIGUEZ, Alejandro Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas   Zacatecas Mexico
Mr. IOANNISYAN, Daniel Yerevan Physics Institute PhD student Yerevan Armenia
Dr. LUO, Shu Xiamen University   Xiamen China
Dr. ZHOU, Xiang Wuhan University   Wuhan China
Prof. SOBCZYK, Jan Wroclaw University   Wroclaw Poland
Dr. GRACZYK, Krzysztof IFT, University of Wrocław   Wroclaw Poland
Dr. WANG, Wei College of William and Mary   Williamsburg United States
Dr. BRISCOE, William The George Washington University Professor Washington United States
Dr. LUCA, Galli Paul Scherrer Institut Post Doc Villigen Switzerland
Mr. TANAKA, Hirohisa University of British Columbia/Institute of Particle Physics   Vancouver Canada
Mr. WANG, En IFIC, University of Valencia   Valencia Spain
Dr. PEREIRA DOS SANTOS, Fabio Alex IFIC/Valencia   Valencia Spain
Dr. NIEVES, Juan IFIC (CSIC-UV)   Valencia Spain
Prof. YANG, Liang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   Urbana United States
KETTELL, Steve BNL   Upton, NY 11973 United States
Dr. SAYED, Hisham Brookhaven National Lab   Upton, NY United States
Dr. MIBE, Tsutomu KEK Associate Professor Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan
Prof. SHIMOMURA, koichiro KEK Associate Professor Tsukuba Ibaragi Japan
Dr. SEKIGUCHI, Tetsuro KEK   Tsukuba Japan
Prof. NAKADAIRA, Takeshi KEK   Tsukuba Japan
Prof. MARUYAMA, Takasumi KEK Associate professor Tsukuba Japan
Dr. LOPEZ PAVON, Jacobo SISSA   Trieste Italy
Dr. SATO, Akira Osaka University   Toyonaka, Osaka Japan
Prof. KUNO, Yoshitaka Osaka University Professor Toyonaka, Osaka Japan
Mr. ELDER, Pinzon Guerra York University PhD Student Toronto Canada
Dr. CLARK, Kenneth University of Toronto   Toronto Canada
Dr. GIUNTI, Carlo INFN   Torino Italy
Prof. YOKOYAMA, Masashi University of Tokyo   Tokyo Japan
Ms. SHARANKOVA, Ralitsa Tokyo Institute of Technology   Tokyo Japan
Dr. ISHIDA, Taku J-PARC Center/KEK   Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1106 Japan
Dr. NAKATSUGAWA, Yohei KEK   Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki Japan
Dr. FRIEND, Megan KEK   Tokai Japan
Mr. JI, Xiangpan School of Physics, Nankai University   Tianjin China
WONG, Yvonne The University of New South Wales   Sydney Australia
Dr. VASSILOPOULOS, Nikolaos IPHC, CNRS   Strasbourg France
Dr. DRACOS, Marcos IPHC-IN2P3/CNRS   Strasbourg France
Dr. BLENNOW, Mattias KTH Royal Institute of Techology Assistant Professor Stockholm Sweden
Dr. HERNANDEZ-GAJATE, Eliecer Departamento de Fisica Fundamental, Universidad de Salamanca   Salamanca Spain
Dr. OTA, Toshihiko Saitama University postdoc Saitama Japan
Mr. MARSHALL, Chris University of Rochester Graduate Student Rochester, NY United States
MANLY, Steven University of Rochester   Rochester United States
Mr. VELTEN, Philippe CERN EN-STI   Prévessin-Moens France
Prof. MCDONALD, Kirk T Princeton University   Princeton, NJ 08544 United States
Dr. SIGNORELLI, Giovanni INFN Pisa Researcher Pisa Italy
Dr. CHENG, Chih-hsiang California Institute of Technology   Pasadena United States
Prof. WARK, David STFC/Oxford University   Oxford United Kingdom
Dr. LAGRANGE, Jean-Baptiste Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute   Osaka Japan
Dr. BOGACZ, Alex Jefferson Lab Senior Scientist Newport News United States
Prof. PALLADINO, Vittorio Univ & INFN Napoli, Italy   Napoli Italy
Ms. CHOI, koun Nagoya university student nagoya Japan
Dr. CHAKRABORTY, Sovan Max-Planck Institute for Physics Post Doctoral Fellow Munich Germany
Prof. MONDAL, Naba Kumar Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Senior Professor Mumbai India
Dr. SALA, paola INFN Milano   Milano Italy
Dr. DELAHAYE, Jean-Pierre SLAC   Menlo Park United States
Dr. COELHO, Joao Tufts University   Medford, MA United States
Dr. ENRIQUE, Fernandez Martinez UAM   Madrid Spain
Dr. TAYLOR, Charles Los Alamos National Lab Postdoc Research Associate Los Alamos United States
Dr. PASTERNAK, Jaroslaw Imperial College London/RAL-STFC   London United Kingdom
Prof. LONG, Kenneth Imperial College London   London United Kingdom
Dr. KABOTH, Asher Imperial College London   London United Kingdom
JOAQUIM, Filipe CFTP-IST   Lisboa Portugal
Dr. KORMOS, Laura Lancaster University   Lancaster United Kingdom
Dr. NAKAMURA, Satoshi Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University   Kyoto Japan
Mr. AKAPAN, Godwin Asuquo Gaapan South Africa (Pty) Ltd Managing Director/CEO Johannesburg South Africa
Prof. HUANG, Xingtao Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. YOU, Zhengyun University of California Irvine   Irvine United States
Prof. MIHARA, Satoshi KEK, IPNS   Ibaraki Japan
Ms. WU, Yang Institute of High Energy Physics   Hamilton Canada
Mr. HIGUERA, Aaron Universidad de Guanajuato   Guanajuato Mexico
Dr. SOLER, Paul University of Glasgow   Glasgow United Kingdom
Mr. NUGENT, John University of Glasgow PhD Student Glasgow United Kingdom
Dr. BAYES, Ryan University of Glasgow   Glasgow United Kingdom
Dr. ZITO, Marco IRFU CEA Saclay   Gif/Yvette France
Dr. KORZENEV, Alexander University of Geneva, DPNC PostDoc Geneva Switzerland
Prof. BRAVAR, Alessandro Universityof Geneva   Geneva Switzerland
Prof. BLONDEL, Alain DPNC UNiversity of Geneva neutrino group leader Geneva Switzerland
Mr. RUTERBORIES, Daniel Colorado State University   Fort Collins United States
Prof. DE GOUVEA, Andre Northwestern University   Evanston United States
Dr. EBERL, Thomas Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics   Erlangen Germany
Dr. DENSHAM, Chris STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory   Didcot United Kingdom
Dr. HADLEY, David University of Warwick   Coventry United Kingdom
Mr. DUYANG, Hongyue University of South Carolina Graduate Student Columbia, SC United States
Dr. TIAN, Xinchun U. of South Carolina   Columbia United States
Prof. SOUSA, Alexandre University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Cincinnati United States
Dr. SUTER, Louise Argonne National Lab   Chicago United States
Prof. SCHMITZ, David University of Chicago   Chicago United States
Prof. KAPLAN, Daniel Illinois Institute of Technology   Chicago United States
Dr. GRAF, Nicholas Illinois Institute of Technology   Chicago United States
Ms. K K, MEGHNA Institute of Mathematical Sciences RESEARCH SCHOLAR Chennai India
Prof. LI, zhihui College of Science and Technology, Sichuan University   chengdu China
CALIBBI, Lorenzo University of Brussels (ULB)   Brussels Belgium
COLOMA, Pilar Center for Neutrino Physics at Virginia Tech   Blacksburg, VA United States
Prof. HUBER, Patrick Virginia Tech   Blacksburg United States
Prof. AGARWALLA, Sanjib Kumar Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar   Bhubaneswar India
Dr. ZISMAN, Michael Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   Berkeley, CA United States
Mr. LU, Xiaochuan UC Berkeley   Berkeley United States
Dr. LI, Derun LBNL   Berkeley United States
Dr. ZOU, Jiaheng IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. ZHOU, Ye-Ling IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. ZHAN, Liang IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. YANG, Jianjun CIAE   Beijing China
Mr. YANG, masheng IHEP   BeiJing China
Mr. XUEFENG, Ding IHEP&WHU   Beijing China
Mr. WEI, Hanyu Center for High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Mr. WANG, Bin IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Zhe Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Ms. WAN, Linyan Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Prof. TANG, Jingyu IHEP-Accelerator center   Beijing China
Dr. SUN, Xilei IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Chengping Beihang University   Beijing China
Dr. QIN, Zhonghua IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. NING, Guo-zhu Peking University Post Doc Beijing China
Dr. LI, Yufeng IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. LEBANOWSKI, Logan Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Mr. JING, Hantao Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)   Beijing China
Dr. HE, Miao IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. GUO, Wan-Lei Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Prof. EVSLIN, Jarah Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. CIUFFOLI, Emilio IHEP, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. CAO, Jun Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Dr. CAO, Guofu IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. PAVLOVIC, Zarko LANL   Batvia, IL United States
Dr. MORFIN, Jorge Fermilab   Batavia, IL 60510 United States
STRAIT, James Fermilab   Batavia, IL 60510 United States
Dr. ST. JOHN, Jason University of Cincinnati Postdoctoral Researcher Batavia, IL United States
Dr. POPOVIC, milorad Fermilab   Batavia, Il United States
NEUFFER, David Fermilab   Batavia IL 60510 United States
YANG, Tingjun Fermilab   Batavia United States
Dr. PALMER, Mark Fermilab Director, U.S. Muon Accelerator Program Batavia United States
Dr. NORMAN, Andrew Fermi National Accelerator Lab Associate Scientist Batavia United States
KASPER, peter fermilab   batavia United States
Prof. BROSS, Alan Fermilab   Batavia United States
Dr. ADEY, David Fermilab   Batavia United States
Prof. LANG, Karol University of Texas at Austin faculty Austin TX 78712 United States
Mr. HUANG, Junting University of Texas at Austin   Austin United States
Dr. ZHANG, Xilin Ohio University Postdoc Athens United States
Dr. PALEY, Jonathan Argonne National Laboratory   Argonne United States
Mr. TIWARI, Deepak India Based Neutrino Observatory,Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India Graduate Student Allahabad India
Dr. CHOUBEY, Sandhya Harish-Chandra Research Institute   Allahabad India
Mr. CHATTERJEE, Animesh Harish-Chandra Reserach Institute Research Scholar Allahabad India
Ms. HAIDER, huma aligarh muslim university research scholar aligarh India
Dr. OHANOANU, ONYEKACHUWU TONY University of Technology   ABUJA Nigeria
Dr. ARCHIDIACONO, Maria Aarhus University   Aarhus Denmark
Dr. MEZZETTO, Mauro INFN   35100 Padova Italy