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IHEP - B410
Neutrino Scattering Physics

Hadron production measurement from NA61/SHINE


  • Dr. Alexander KORZENEV

Primary authors

Abstract content

New results from the NA61/SHINE experiment on the determination of charged hadron yields in proton-carbon interactions are presented. They aim to improve predictions of the neutrino flux in the T2K experiment. Analysis is based on the main dataset collected by NA61/SHINE in the year 2009. The data were recorded using a secondary-proton beam of 31 GeV/c momentum from CERN SPS which impinges on a graphite target. To determine the inclusive production cross-section for charged pions, kaons and protons the thin (0.04 λI ) target was exploited. Results of this measurement are used in the T2K beam simulation program to reweight hadron yields in the interaction vertex. At the same time, NA61/SHINE results obtained with the T2K replica target (1.9 λI ) allow to constrain hadron yields at the surface of the target. It would correspond to the constraint up to 90% of the neutrino flux, thus reducing significantly a model dependence of the neutrino beam prediction. All measured spectra are compared to predictions of hadron production models. In addition a status of the analysis of data collected by NA61/SHINE for the NuMI target (Fermilab) is reviewed. These data will be used further in neutrino beam calculations for the MINERvA, MINOS(+) and LBNE experiments.