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20-29 August 2014
Asia/Shanghai timezone
The International Summer school on TeV Experimental Physics (iSTEP) will introduce the physics programs at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and future high energy experiments. Lectures will cover theoretical background, physics motivation, experimental setup/methods, and the latest results on various particle physics topics, including the Standard Model, Higgs Physics, SUSY, and exotic New Physics searches. As a summer school aiming at experimentalists, hands-on tutorials will be provided. We also strongly encourage conversations and discussion between students and lecturers.

iSTEP is aimed to guide the first steps of the beginners at particle physics, such as senior undergraduate or young graduate students, the covered topics are:

1: Standard Model - Electroweak Theory
2: Standard Model - QCD Theory
3: Collider Physics Phenomenology
4: Introduction to Beyond Standard Model Theory
5: Higgs Physics Phenomenology
6: Monte Carlo Simulation and Event Generator
7: Future of TeV Physics

1: Accelerator Physics
2: Detector and Reconstruction Overview
3: Calorimeter
4: Tracking and Vertexing Detector
5: Muon Detector
6: Trigger and Data Acquisition System
7: Statistics Methods in Particle Physics
8: Higgs Physics Experiments
9: Standard Model Precision Measurements at Collider Experiments
10: Hadron Physics Experiments
11: Top Quark Physics Experiments
12: SUSY Searches at collider Experiments
13: Non-SUSY New Physics Searches at collider Experiments

Summer School Poster
First Annoncement (Chinese Version)
Second Annoncement
Third Annoncement

Congratulation letter form CERN Director General Prof. Rolf Heuer

The registration fee for each student is 1000 RMB (Cash only). For non-student participant, the fee is 2000 RMB (Cash only) which will cover the cost of shared room accommodation and meals. For those who need finacial support, please consider applying for the iSTEP Fellowships. We will cover the registration fee and reimburse up to 1000 RMB traveling cost for each fellowship winner. The total number of fellowships is limited to 10. To apply for the school and/or fellowship, please send a Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement and a reference letter to the contact persons: liangliphy@sjtu.edu.cn and zhanghq@ihep.ac.cn by 15th, June 2014. The reference letter should be sent by the referee, not the students. 

The Deadline for the registration is 30th June 2014, The total number of participants (exclude lecturers) is limited to 60.

Please note that "registration" itself does not mean the admission into the summer school, every applicant should expect to receive a written confirmation from the organizing committee about their admission status by July 15.  
Starts Aug 20, 2014 09:00
Ends Aug 29, 2014 17:00
Main Building C305
19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District,Beijing,100049
  • Prof. 陈, 和生