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3-7 August 2015
Duke Kunshan University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The local organizer will be responsible for issuing visa invitation letters to the participants and their family members. As far as we know, a tourist visa (L type visa) is the easiest type to apply for, and you can apply for such visa by yourself without any invitation letter. If you do need a F type visa, please send to ting.yang@dku.edu.cn (Joy YANG Ting) and wei.wang@sjtu.edu.cn (WANG Wei) the information required below and we will send you a visa invitation letter via email.


  • A copy of your passport page with name etc.
  • Name on the passport
  • Passport Number and its expiration date
  • Citizenship
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Stay Period in China
  • Occupation and Title
  • Telephone and Fax Number
  • The Name and Address of your institution/university
  • Which Chinese Embassy you plan to get your visa(s) (name of the city and country)
  • Accompanying Person's Name, Passport Number, Date of Birth and Nationality


The process of visa application may take some time, depending on the particular type of visa you apply for. Please consult a Chinese consulate near you for detailed information.

We do NOT provide health insurance. If you need such service, please check with the travel advisors in your country.