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3-7 August 2015
Duke Kunshan University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 91

name institution upposition city country/region
Prof. GAO, Haiyan DKU Vice chancellor Kunshan China
Prof. VANDERHAEGHEN, Marc University Mainz University Professor Mainz Germany
Dr. LI, Yijie Liaoning University teacher 沈阳 China
Mr. ZHU, zwzhu Shandong University Student   China
SHI, Yuji SJTU Student   China
Dr. CUI, Yinping Department of Physics , Tsinghua University student   China
Dr. DONG, Xin Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Staff Scientist Berkeley, CA United States
Prof. CHEN, Jinhui Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS Shanghai   China
Prof. ZHU, wei ECNU shamghai   China
Dr. ALLADA, Kalyan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senior Postdoctoral Associate   United States
Prof. QIU, Jianwei Brookhaven National Lab Senior Physicist Upton United States
Dr. YUAN, Feng Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Scientist   United States
Dr. CHEN, Jian-ping Jefferson Lab Scientist Newport News, Virginia United States
Prof. PING, Jialun Nanjing Normal University School of Physics and Technology Nanjing China
Dr. WANG, Dayong Peking University Researcher Beijing China
Mr. FERRERO, Andrea CEA-Saclay/IRFU/SPhN Researcher   France
Dr. BASHKANOV, Mikhail University of Edinburgh Research Fellow Edinburgh United Kingdom
Prof. SURROW, Bernd Temple University Professor   United States
Prof. ZOU, Bingsong ITP, CAS Professor Beijing China
Prof. ZHAO, Zhengguo USTC Professor Hefei China
Prof. XX, xx xx Professor   China
Mr. XU, gang ihep professor   China
Prof. XU, Qinghua Shandong University Professor   China
Prof. WANG, Yi Tsinghua University Professor   China
Prof. PITT, Mark Virginia Tech Professor Blacksburg United States
Prof. MA, Bo-Qiang Peking University Professor   China
Prof. MA, Yugang SINAP Professor   China
Dr. LIU, Jianbei University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) Professor   China
Prof. LIANG, Zuo-tang Shandong University professor Jinan China
Prof. LI, Demin Zhengzhou University Professor   China
Prof. LI, Haibo IHEP Professor   China
Prof. GAN, Liping University of North Carolina Wilmington professor Wilmington United States
Prof. DESHPANDE, Abhay Stony Brook University Professor   United States
Prof. CHOI, Seonho Seoul National University Professor Seoul Korea, Republic of
Prof. CHEN, Xiang-Song Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Wuhan China
Prof. BRODSKY, Stanley J. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Professor Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States
Prof. DONG, Yubing Institute of High Energy Physics Prof. In Institute of High Energy Physics Beijing 1000498 China
Prof. XIAO, Zhigang Department of Physics, Tsinghua University Prof.   China
Prof. WANG, Wei SJTU Prof. Shanghai China
Prof. WANG, fan Nanjing University prof. Nanjing China
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP Prof.   China
Prof. LI, Xue-Qian Nankai University Prof.   China
Prof. HUANG, Guangshun USTC Prof. Hefei China
Dr. ZHU, Ruilin SJTU Postdoc   China
Dr. WANG, Yu-Ming TU Munich Postdoc   Germany
Dr. LIU, Tianbo Duke University & DKU Postdoc   China
Dr. BAKRY, Ahmed Institute of Modern Physics Postdoc   China
Dr. ADLARSON, Patrik Johannes Gutenberg Universität Post-doc Mainz Germany
Mrs. SHI, Jinghua Shanghai Jiao Tong University None   China
Prof. FENG, Cunfeng shandong university none   China
Dr. XINMEI, Zhu NJNU Nangjing,JiangSu   China
Dr. ZHENG, Chuan Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University Lecturer Shanghai China
Dr. ZHANG, Yi Lanzhou University Lecturer Lanzhou China
Dr. SONG, Yu-kun University of Jinan Lecturer Jinan China
Dr. LU, Jie Shanghai University Lecturer   China
Prof. CHEN, Xurong IMP group leader   China
Mr. YAN, XUEFEI Duke Univ Graduate student DURHAM United States
Mr. XU, Guangzhi beihang University graduate student   China
Mr. TIAN, Ye Shandong University Graduate Student   China
Mr. OU, Longwu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Student Cambridge United States
Mr. MEI, Jincheng Shandong University graduate student   China
Mr. LIU, Jie University of Virginia Graduate Student   United States
Mr. LI, Xinglong China Institute of Atomic Energy graduate student   China
Mr. JI , Wei Tsinghua University Graduate Student Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Zhenyu Wuhan University Faculty   China
Prof. ZHANG, Hanzhong Central China Normal University faculty Wuhan China
SABATIE, Franck CEA Saclay Faculty   France
Prof. LI, Xiaomei China Institute of Atomic Energy Faculty   China
Dr. XU, Nu CCNU/LBNL Dr. Wuhan China
Dr. WANG, Xiaofei Inner Mongolia University Dr.   China
Dr. LIU, Aiai Inner Mongolia University Dr.   China
Ms. HUANG, Yan Tsinghua University Dr.   China
Dr. HU, Shouyang CIAE Dr.   China
CAO, Xu Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou Dr.   China
Dr. LIU, Jing Inner Mongolia University Dr   China
Ms. 肖, 立叶 Hunan Normal University Doctor   China
Dr. EN, Wang Zhengzhou University Doctor   China
Prof. LIU, Jianglai Shanghai Jiao Tong University Distinguished research fellow   China
Dr. QIN, Sixue Argonne National Laboratory Director's Named Postdoc Fellow Chicago United States
Dr. MCKEOWN, Robert Jefferson Lab Deputy Director Science and Technology Newport News, Virginia 23606 United States
Prof. SUN, Bao-Xi Beijing University of Technology Beijing University of Technology   China
Prof. CHANG, Wen-Chen Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Associate research fellow   Taiwan, China
Dr. ZHENG, Xiaochao University of Virginia Associate professor Charlottesville United States
Dr. ZHANG, Yifei University of Science and Technology of China Associate Professor   China
Dr. JIAO, Jianbin Shandong University Associate Professor   China
Dr. HUANG, Hongxia Nanjing Normal University Associate Professor Nanjing China
Dr. HUANG, Fei University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Professor   China
Dr. HE, Jun Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate professor   China
Dr. DONG, Hui Shandong University associate professor   China
Dr. MUELLER, Berndt Brookhaven National Laboratory ALD for Nuclear and Particle Physics   United States
Dr. MA, Jian-Ping Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing 研究员   China