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8-9 August 2015
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 71

name downinstitution position city country/region
Mr. LI, Gang AnHui University   HEFEI China
Ms. ZHAO, jun Beijing University of Technology   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Kechen CFHEP, IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, Fei Department of Physics, ZhengZhou University   ZhengZhou China
Prof. LIAO, Wei East China University of Science and Technology   Shanghai China
Dr. WANG, Tianhong Harbin Institute of Technology   Harbin China
Mr. CAO, Junjie Henan Normal Univeristy   Xinxiang China
Mr. SHANG, Liang Henan Normal University   Xinxiang China
Ms. YANG, ZhongJuan Henan Polytechnic University   Jiaozuo China
Mr. MA, teng High energy certer of Tsinghua university   Beijing China
Dr. CHEN, Mingshui IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. JIN, Shan IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. LIAO, Hongbo IHEP   Beijing China
LOU, Xinchou IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. LU, Cai-Dian IHEP   北京 China
Mr. RUAN, Manqi IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Huaqiao IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. ZHAO, Xiaoran IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. ZHOU , sihong IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. QIN, Qin IHEP, CAS   Beijing China
LI, Zhao IHEP-CAS   Beijing China
Prof. YANG, Jin Min Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS Prof Beijing China
Prof. SHU, Jing ITP CAS   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, yang itp,cas student Beijing China
Prof. ZHOU, Yu-Feng ITP-CAS   Beijing China
Mr. GOTO, Hiromitsu Kanazawa University   Kanazawa Japan
Mr. KAWAUCHI, Hikaru Kanazawa University   Kanazawa Japan
Mr. MATSUZAKI, Koshi Kanazawa University   Kanazawa city Japan
Dr. LIU, zhicheng Liaoning Normal University   Baoding,Hebei China
Prof. YUE, Chongxing Liaoning Normal University   Dalian China
Dr. HAN, Zhilong Nankai University   Tianjin China
Dr. SUN, Yanjun Northwest Normal University   LanZhou China
Dr. LI, Qiang Peking Univ.   Beijing China
Mr. LI, Gang Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. MAO, Yingnan Peking University   Peking China
Dr. WANG, Dayong Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. XIE, kepan Peking University   Beijing China
XU, Ling-xiao Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. YAN, Bin Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Dongming Peking University   Beijing China
和, 世平 Peking University   BeiJing China
Prof. MAO, Yajun PKU   beijing China
Prof. CAO, Qing-Hong School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. LI, Yang School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
WANG, Xiaohu school of physics, Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Ya School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. BAO, Shoushan School of Physics, Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. YOUKAI, Wang shaanxi Normal University   xi'an China
Prof. LI, Shi-Yuan Shandong University   Jinan China
Prof. LI, Liang Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Mr. LV, songlin Sichuan university graduate student chengdu China
Mr. LIU, Zhenqi Taiyuan University of Technology   Taiyuan China
Mr. WU, Yongcheng Tsinghua Univ.   Beijing China
Mr. CHEN, Xin Tsinghua Univeristy   Beijing China
Prof. LIU, Zuowei Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Prof. WANG, Qing TsingHua University professor beijing China
Prof. ZHANG, Bin Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Mr. ZHAO, Sheng-Zhi Tsinghua University PhD Candidate Beijing China
Prof. ZHOU, Ning Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Dr. YANG, Zhenwei Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Associate Professor Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Yu-Ming TU Munich   Munich Germany
Dr. JIANG, Yun U.C.Davis / Niels Bohr Institute   Copenhagen Denmark
Prof. HAN, Tao Univ. of Pittsburgh/TsingHua University   Pittsburgh United States
Dr. ZHANG, Zhen-Hua University of South China   Hengyang China
Prof. QIAO, CONGFENG University of CAS   Beijing China
Dr. LIANG, Yi University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Postdoc Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Ren-You University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Prof. ZHANG, ying xi'an jiaotong univ   xi'an China
Mr. WANG, Lei Yantai university   Yantai China
LUO, Mingxing Zhejiang University   Hangzhou China
Ms. 康, 康海晶 北京工业大学   北京 China