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1-7 August 2015
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Yan-Xi Lake Campus of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院大学雁栖湖校区) is located in the northeastern suburb of Beijing. It is 45km away from the Beijing International Airport.

For airport pick up shuttle schedule on August 1, please contact Lei Dang: dangl@ihep.ac.cn for the latest information.

Taxi is the most convenient way to reach campus for foreigners (about an hour and costs about 280 RMB via highway.  If travel via local street, it costs about 170 RMB but might take longer time).  Show Map 1 and Map 2 to Taxi driver to bring you to the campus.

Public transportion from Beijing City to Campus: 

I) By bus: take Bus 936 at Dong-Zhi-Men (东直门) (This station can be reached by metro from Beijing international airport), get off at Huan-Bei-Zhuang-Zhan (怀北庄站), which is the main entrance of west campus. 

II) By train: take train at Beijing station (北京站) or Beijing North station (北京北站), get off at Huai-Rou-Bei-Zhan (怀柔北站), walk west for about 10 minutes, you will reach the west campus.

Map 1: location of lodging (student dorm and conference center), dining Hall, lecture hall (Teaching Building 1 - Room 107), and walking route. 


Map 2: suggested driving direction from Beijing International Airport to Campus.


Map 3:  location of Beijing international airport and Yan-Xi Lake campus.


Map 4:  location of Yan-xi Lake campus of UCAS  in Huairou.