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15-19 August 2016
Shandong University, Weihai
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Weihai can be reach by either train or airplane. The train stations are Weihai north railway station and Weihai railway station, the airports are Weihai Airport and Yantai Airport. 

We would recommend the participants to take the flight below in order to pick up( more than 10 people who will choose to take the recommended flight)

Flight from Beijing to Weihai (Dashuibo Airport)

August 14th, SC4882 Shandong Airlines,

Beijing(Capital Airport T3)13:10--> Weihai(Dashuibo Airport)14:40

People can book train light ticket via C-trip (http://english.ctrip.com/trains/#ctm_ref=nb_tn_top)


How to get to Academic exchange center\Wen Le Yuan\Jinsha International hotel

1、From train station to hotel

  •     From Weihai north railway station(威海北火车站), It takes about 10 minutes by taxi, the fare is about 15 RMB.
  •     From Weihai Railway station(威海火车站), It takes about 60 minutes by taxi, the fare is about 60 RMB.

2、From Airport to hotel

1).From Weihai Da shuibo Airport(威海大水泊机场),  

  • By taxi: It takes about 70 minutes, the fare is 160 RMB. 
  • By airport shuttle bus: Take the airport bus line (Haiyue jianguo gate Hotel derection) to Weihai campus(the ticket is 20RMB), and then take taxi to Academic exchange center or walk through the campus , the fare is about 7RMB.Afer each air flight arrived, there are the airport buses departure.The advice tel of airport bus: 0631-8641788. (威海大水泊机场至威海市区线路:(机场—威海经区—环翠区—高区) 票价:20元。每一航班到达后均有大巴发车。机场巴士咨询电话:0631-8641788,从山大威海校区站打车到威海学术中心,大概7元左右就可到达。也可在山大威海校园内穿过。

   2).From Yantai Penglai Airport (烟台蓬莱机场),

  • By taxi:  It takes about 180 minutes by taxi, the fare is about 240 RMB.
  • By airport shuttle bus:Take the airport bus line (LiQun Shop derection) to  LiQun Shop(the ticket is 80RMB), and then take taxi to Academic exchange center, the fare is about 10RMB.The advice tel of airport bus: 0631-56783333, 0631-5207777.