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5-9 May 2017
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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CAO, Gaoqing (Tsinghua University)
CHEN, Dian-Yong (southeast university)
FERRETTI, Jacopo (Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, Beijing)
JIANG, Bing-feng (Hubei Institute for Nationalities)
LAN, Shaowei (Central China Normal University)
LI, Lei (Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology)
LU, Junxu (School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering, International Research Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Nuclear Materials and Physics, Beihang University)
MA, Bo-Qiang (Peking University)
MAO, Hong (Hangzhou Normal University)
XIANG, Wenchang (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics)
YANG, Gang (Nanjing Normal University)
YU, Gong-Ming (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
ZHANG, Bingxin (institute of high energy physics)
ZHAO, Wenbin (school of physics Peking Uniersity)
江, 泽方 (Central China Normal University)