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Participant List

Number of participants: 259

name downinstitution position city country/region
Mr. LIU, WEI Tsinghua University student Beijing China
Dr. RAMANI, Harikrishnan BCTP, UC Berkeley   Berkeley United States
Dr. ZHANG, Yu-Jie Beihang University   Beijing China
Prof. HAN, Dejun Beijing Normal University     China
Ms. PENG, Yu Beijing Normal University Beijing   China
Dr. BOGOMYAGKOV, Anton BINP Leading scientific staff Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Dr. KRASNOV, Alexander BINP Head of Vacuum Group Novosibirsk Russian Federation
SINYATKIN, Sergey BINP   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Dr. HAN, Ran BISEE     China
Dr. GUPTA, Ramesh BNL     United States
Dr. PALMER, Robert Brookhaven National Lab   Upton United States
Dr. NIKITIN, Sergei Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Leading researcher   Russian Federation
LEVICHEV, Eugene Budker INP   Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Mr. GLUKHOV, Sergei Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics junior researcher Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Mr. YONGGUI, Gao CCNU     China
Dr. KARASTATHIS, Nikolaos CERN FELLOW   Switzerland
MANGANO, michelangelo CERN     Switzerland
Dr. SNOEYS, Walter CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Dr. TOMMASINI, Davide CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Dr. VIAZLO, Oleksandr CERN Fellow   Switzerland
Mr. ZAMKOVSKY, Michal Charles University     Czech Republic
Prof. IQBAL, Munawar CHEP     Pakistan
Dr. DING, ran CHEP, PKU postdoc beijing China
Dr. LI, Dikai China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)     China
Prof. HEINEMEYER, Sven CSIC (IFT/IFCA)   Madrid Spain
Dr. HUANG, Fa Peng CTPU-IBS     Korea, Republic of
SUN, Hao Dalian University of Technology     China
Prof. YE, Jingbo Dept. of Phys., SMU     United States
Dr. GLAZOV, Alexander DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. GLAZOV, Sasha DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. GU, Jiayin DESY & IHEP     Germany
Prof. FOSTER, Brian DESY/Oxford Alexander von Humboldt Professor Hamburg United Kingdom
Dr. TEYTELMAN, Dmitry Dimtel, Inc.   San Jose United States
Dr. TAMBASCO, Claudia Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne     Italy
Dr. PIELONI, Tatiana EPFL     Switzerland
Dr. LI, Gang Experimental Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics   Beijing China
Dr. MALAMUD, Ernest Fermilab Scientist Emeritus   United States
LUO, Tao Fudan University     China
Prof. REECE, Matthew Harvard University     United States
CAO, Junjie Henan Normal University     China
Prof. COHEN, Andrew HKUST/IAS Professor Hong Kong Hong Kong
Dr. HAO (郝喜庆), Xiqing HNNU     China
Mr. KUNFENG, LYU Hong Kong University of Science and Technology     Hong Kong
Ms. QIAN, Zhuoni IBS     Korea, Republic of
GRINSTEIN, Sebastian IFAE Barcelona   Barcelona Spain
Prof. CHEN, Mingshui IHEP Professor Beijing China
Prof. CHI, YUNLONG IHEP     China
CHOU, Weiren IHEP     China
Ms. DONG, Chao IHEP postdoctor Beijing China
Prof. GAO, Jie IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. GONG, Dianjun IHEP PH.D. Beijing China
Mr. KURTH, Matthew IHEP     China
Dr. LI, Ke IHEP     China
LI, Huadong IHEP     China
LIANG, Hao IHEP Student   China
Prof. LIANG, Zhijun IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. LIAO, Longzhou IHEP     China
LIU, Bo IHEP     China
Dr. LIU, Zhenchao IHEP     China
LIU, Tong IHEP     China
Ms. LIU, jingyi ihep     China
Mr. LIU, Baiqi IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. LU, Yunpeng IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. MENG, Cai IHEP     China
Dr. MI, Zhenghui IHEP   Beijing China
MO, Xin IHEP     China
Prof. OUYANG, Qun IHEP     China
Dr. PENG, Yuemei IHEP     China
Mr. RUAN, Manqi IHEP     China
Dr. SHA, Peng IHEP   Beijing China
SHAN, Lianyou IHEP     China
Prof. SHI, Xin IHEP     China
Mr. SONG, Longlong IHEP     China
SONG, Jin IHEP     China
Prof. TANG, Jingyu IHEP     China
TANGY, Guangyi IHEP     China
Dr. WANG, Xiongfei IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. WANG, Yiwei IHEP     China
Dr. WANG, Dou IHEP   beijing China
Ms. WANG, Haijing IHEP     China
WANG, Zongyuan IHEP     China
Mr. WU, Zhigang ihep   Beijing China
Mr. XIAO, Dengjie IHEP     China
Dr. XINXIN, Ma IHEP     China
Ms. XU, Da IHEP     China
Dr. XU, Qingjin IHEP     China
XU, Wei IHEP     China
Dr. YAN, TIAN IHEP   Beijing China
Ms. YANG, Yuzhen IHEP     China
Mr. YANG, Liu IHEP     China
YANG , Jianquan IHEP     China
Mr. ZHAI, Jiyuan IHEP   Beijing China
ZHANG, Ying IHEP     China
Ms. ZHANG, Zhaoru IHEP     China
Dr. ZHANG, Linhao IHEP Student Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, Bingyang IHEP     China
ZHAO, Tianchi IHEP     United States
Dr. ZHAO, Hang IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. ZHAO, tongxian IHEP   beijing China
Dr. ZHENG, HONGJUAN IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. ZHOU, YANG IHEP     China
ZHU, hongyan IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. ZHU, Hongbo IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. YIN, Junhao IHEP     China
Ms. CHU, Xiaotong IHEP, CAS   Beijing China
Prof. GUIMARAES DA COSTA, Joao IHEP, CAS   Beijing China
Dr. WANG, Zhiyong IHEP,CAS     China
Mr. TAO, Junquan IHEP/CAS   Beijing China
Dr. QIAN, Sen IHEP,CAS   Beijing China
LEE, Shyh-Yuan Indiana university     United States
Dr. AZZURRI, Paolo INFN Staff Pisa Italy
Mr. FERRARI, Roberto INFN   Pavia Italy
Dr. GRANCAGNOLO, Francesco INFN - Lecce Research Director Lecce Italy
Mr. ANTONELLO, Massimiliano INFN - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria Ph.D. Student   Italy
CACCIA, MAssimo INFN - Università dell'Insubria Professor Como Italy
Dr. ZHOU, Jia INFN di Sezione Pavia     Italy
Dr. AZZI, Patrizia INFN Padova   Padova Italy
PICCININI, Fulvio INFN Pavia Italy     Italy
Dr. STAIANO, Amedeo INFN Torino     Italy
Dr. BEDESCHI, Franco INFN, Sezione di Pisa Senior scientist Pisa Italy
Dr. GIACOMELLI, Paolo INFN-Bologna Senior Researcher   Italy
Prof. MAGGIORA, Marco INFN-TO     Italy
Dr. HOU, Suen Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica Res. Fellow Taipei Taiwan
Mr. WEN, hongwei institute of high energy physics     China
Dr. ZHANG, Huaqiao Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)     China
Dr. QI, Huirong Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Dr. PING, Rong-Gang Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science   Beijing China
Dr. DAI, Jin Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
XIAO, Yikang Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences     China
Mr. ZHANG, HAO Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences     China
Dr. ZHU, Yingshun Institute of High Energy Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Prof. SCHOTT, Matthias Institute of Physics, University of Mainz, Germany Professor of Physics Mainz Germany
Dr. SU, Wei Institute of Theoretical Pyhsics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   BEIJING China
Prof. PRELL, Soeren Iowa State University Professor   United States
Dr. HU GUO, Christine IPHC-IN2P3-CNRS, Unistra   Strasbourg France
Prof. LAKTINEH, imad IPNL professor Lyon France
Dr. MA, Jian-Ping ITP, CAS, Beijing     China
Prof. SHU, Jing ITP-CAS     China
MOROZOV, Vasiliy Jefferson Lab     United States
Dr. BOYKO, Igor JINR Dubna Research Scientist Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. NEFEDOV, Yury JINR Dubna Research Scientist Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. RIMMER, Robert JLab     United States
Dr. YU, Felix Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz Postdoc   Germany
Dr. OHMI, kazuhito KEK professor tsukuba Japan
Dr. YAMAMOTO, Akira KEK and CERN     Japan
Dr. OCHI, Atsuhiko Kobe University Associate Professor Kobe Japan
Mr. COKER, Akinwunmi David Lagos State University   Surulere/lagos Nigeria
Dr. BAMBADE, Philip LAL IN2P3/CNRS Senior staff researcher   France
Prof. DAVIER, Michel LAL, Universite Paris-Sud 11 Professor 91898 Orsay France
Dr. PRESTEMON, Soren Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   Berkeley United States
Dr. YAO, Weiming LBNL     United States
Ms. DING, xiaohan Liaoning University     China
BRIENT, Jean-Claude LLR - Ecole polytechnique Director of laboratory Palaiseau France
Mr. ZHANG, YuLian LZU IHEP     China
ANDRICEK, Ladislav MPG HLL   München Germany
Dr. WU, Lei Nanjing Normal University     China
Prof. CHEN, Shenjian Nanjing University     China
Prof. JIN, Shan Nanjing University     China
Mr. ZHANG, Huijun Nanjing University   Orsay France
Prof. QI, MING Nanjing University (CN)   NAN JING China
Ms. GONG, Li Nankai University     China
LIU, Jinyan NanKai university     China
Dr. ZHAO, MingGang Nankai University   Tianjin China
KANG, Xiaoshen Nankai university     China
Prof. HUANG, Jinshu Nanyang Normal University   Nanyang China
Mr. LAI, Pei-Zhu National Central University   Jhongli City Taiwan
Mr. KUO, Chia Ming National Central University     Taiwan
Mr. PEIXUN, Shen NKU   TianJin China
Ms. WANG, yanjin Northastern University     China
Dr. BEACHAM, James Ohio State University / CERN Post-doctoral researcher   Switzerland
Prof. BORTOLETTO, Daniela Oxford Professor Oxford United Kingdom
Prof. CAO, Qing-Hong Peking University Associate Professor Beijing China
Dr. HAO, Jiankui Peking University     China
Ms. TAN, Qiuyun Peking university     China
Mrs. MUKHTAR, Ameer PINSTECH, Islamabad Researcher mangwal(chakwal) Pakistan
Mr. WU, Tianya Pixel Labs at CCNU Ph.D Student Wuhan China
Ms. REN, Weiping PLAC, CCNU Ph.D. Wuhan China
Dr. DE FILIPPIS, Nicola Politecnico and INFN Bari Researches Bari Italy
Prof. CHOU, John Paul Rutgers University     United States
Dr. LI, Qiang school of physics Peking Uniersity   Beijing China
JUNG, Sunghoon Seoul National University Assistant Professor   Korea, Republic of
Mr. CHEN, weiguo shaanxi normal university     China
Dr. DONG, Jianing Shandong University     China
Dr. HAN, Yanliang Shandong University     China
Prof. HUANG, Xingtao Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. JIAO, Jianbin Shandong University     China
Mr. LI, Qiyun Shandong University     China
Mr. LI, Tong Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. LIU, Jian Shandong University   Jinan China
Dr. ZHANG, Liang Shandong University     China
Dr. HU, Jifeng Shanghai Jiao Tong University     China
Prof. LI, Liang Shanghai Jiao Tong University     China
Prof. YANG, Haijun Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Dr. SULLIVAN, Michael SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Research Physicist Menlo Park United States
Dr. YOUNG, charles SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory physicist Menlo Park United States
Dr. BAI, Yu Southeast University   Nanjing China
Ms. LI, Ying-Ying the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology     China
Prof. LIU, Tao The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology     China
Dr. TIAN, Junping The University of Tokyo     Japan
Mr. WANG, Haipeng Thomas Jefferson Lab Staff Scientist Newport News United States
Dr. LIN, Fanglei Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Staff Accelerator Scientist   United States
DENG, Zhi Tsinghua University     China
Prof. GAO, Yuanning Tsinghua University   Beijing China
HE, Hong-Jian Tsinghua University     China
Mr. XIAO, Ruiqing Tsinghua University     China
YANG, Luping Tsinghua University     China
Prof. CRAIG, Nathaniel UC Santa Barbara     United States
Mr. QIAO, Cong-Feng UCAS     China
Dr. QIN, Qin Uni. Siegen   Siegen Germany
Dr. DI MICCO, Biagio Universita' Roma Tre Permanent researcher Roma Italy
Prof. RODA, Chiara Maria Angela Universita` and INFN Pisa Associate Professor Pisa Italy
Dr. LIU, Jia University of Chicago     United States
Dr. LONG, Andrew University of Chicago - KICP postdoc Chicago United States
LEWIS, Peter University of Hawaii     United States
Prof. VARNER, Gary University of Hawaii   Honolulu United States
Prof. LI, Honglei University of Jinan     China
Dr. GAO, Yanyan University of Liverpool Lecturer Liverpool United Kingdom
BELLONI, Alberto University of Maryland     United States
QIAN, Jianming University of Michigan (US) Professor Ann Arbor United States
Prof. PAGANI, Carlo University of Milano and INFN-LASA   Milano Italy
Mr. 赵, 申森 University of Science & Technology of China     China
Dr. CHEN, NING University of Science and Technology Beijing     China
Prof. LIU, Jianbei University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Mr. NIU, Yazhou University of Science and Technology of China     China
Mr. SHI, Xiaodong University of Science and Technology of China     China
Mr. WANG, Yu University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
Prof. KILIAN, Wolfgang University of Siegen   Siegen Germany
MOCH, Paul University of Siegen     Germany
Mr. ZHAO, Zhijie University of Siegen   Siegen Germany
Prof. LUBATTI, Henry University of Washington, Seattle Professor of Physics Seattle, WA 98195-1560 United States
Mr. PEZZOTTI, Lorenzo Università degli Studi di Pavia PhD Student Pavia Italy
DREWES, Marco Université catholique de Louvain     Belgium
Mr. HONG , Daojin USTC     China
Mr. REN, Zhiliang USTC   Hefei China
Mr. XU, Hongliang USTC   hefei China
Dr. ZHANG, Yunlong USTC   Hefei China
Prof. BOZOVIC JELISAVCIC, Ivanka VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences Research Professor Belgrade Serbia
Dr. ZHANG, Zhenyu Wuhan University   Wuhan China
Dr. YANG, Fan Xiamen University     China
Dr. LI, Ying Yantai University     China
Prof. ZHU, HuaXing Zhejiang University     China
Mr. DU, Shuxian Zhengzhou University   Zhengzhou China
Ms. 袁, 利敏 信阳师范学院     China
宋, 娇娇 山东大学     China
Prof. 王, 萌 山东大学     China
Mr. 胡, 永才 西北工业大学 教授 西安 China
Dr. BAI, Sha 高能所     China
CAO, Ning 高能所     China
Prof. FANG , Yaquan 高能所     China
Prof. LOU, Xinchou 高能所   Beijing China
ZHANG, Kaili 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. ZHOU, Zusheng 高能所     China
Dr. ZHU, Kai 高能所     China
Dr. ZHUANG , Xuai 高能所     China
覃, 潇平 高能所     China
龙, 沛洵 高能所     China