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1-9 July 2017
Daya Bay
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 75

downname institution country/region
Dr. AN, Fengpeng East China University of Science and Technology China
Mr. CAO, Chuanya IHEP China
Dr. CAO, Guofu IHEP China
Prof. CAO, Jun IHEP China
Ms. DASH, Nitali IHEP China
Mr. DEPNERING, Wilfried Institute of Physics, Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz Germany
Mr. GAN, Youyu IHEP China
Ms. GAO , Feng IHEP China
Dr. GUO, Wan-Lei Institute of High Energy Physics China
HANG, hu Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University China
Dr. HAN, Ran BISEE China
Mr. HE, Jincheng North China Electric Power University China
Dr. HE, Miao IHEP China
Mr. HUANG, Guoyuan Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Mr. HUANG, Qinhua Leprince-Ringuet Laboratory Ecole Polytechnique France
Dr. HUANG, Yongbo IHEP China
Mr. HU, Jianrun IHEP China
JI, xingzhao Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University China
Ms. LIANGHONG, Wei ihep China
Prof. LING, Jiajie Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大学) China
Dr. LI, Yufeng IHEP China
Dr. LUO, Shu Xiamen University China
Ms. LV, pin IHEP China
Ms. MA, Lishuang IHEP China
Dr. MA, Xubo 华北电力大学 China
MS.朱, 景宇 IHEP China
Dr. TOLBA, Tamer IHEP China
Dr. WANG, Joseph Btiquant Reserarch Laboratories (Asia) Limited Hong Kong, China
Mr. WANG, Jun SYSU China
Prof. WANG, Ruiguang IHEP China
Prof. WANG, Wei Sun Yat-Sen University China
WANG, Xiangyue School of Physics,Sun Yat-sen University China
Mr. WANG, Yaoguang 高能所 China
Dr. WANG, Zhimin 中国科学院高能物理研究所 China
Ms. WEI YUTING, WEI Ihep China
Prof. WEN, Liangjian IHEP, CAS China
Mr. WU, Wenjie Wuhan University China
Prof. XING, Zhi-zhong IHEP, Beijing China
Dr. XI, Yufei Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences China
Mr. XU, Jilei IHEP China
Mr. XU, Yu IKP2 FZ-Juelich Germany
Mr. YANG, Anbo IHEP China
Mr. YANG, le North China Electric Power University China
Dr. YAN, wenqi ihep China
Mr. YAO, Haifeng IHEP China
YU, Hongzhao Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University,Guangzhou China
Dr. YU, Zeyuan 中国科学院高能物理研究所 China
Mr. ZHANG , Yan 高能所 China
Mr. ZHANG , chengcai IHEP China
Mr. ZHANG, Haiqiong IHEP China
Dr. ZHANG, Xiaofeng 高能所 China
Mr. ZHANG, Xuantong Institute of High Energy Physics China
Mr. ZHANG, Yiyu IHEP China
Mr. ZHAN, Liang 高能所 China
Dr. ZHAO, Jie 高能所 China
Prof. ZHOU, Shun IHEP, CAS China
Prof. ZHOU, Xiang Wuhan University China
于, 淼 Wuhan University China
Mr. 刘, 倩 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Mr. 刘, 祥干 USTC China
Ms. 吴, 群 Shandong University China
夏, 冬梅 China
Mr. 岳, 保彪 中山大学 China
Mr. 张, 永鹏 高能所 China
Mr. 张, 飞洋 Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Mr. 李, 帅杰 SYSU China
Ms. 李, 慧玲 Shandong University China
Mr. 李, 超 山东大学 China
Mr. 杨, 玉梓 SYSU China
Mr. 熊, 卫星 高能所 China
Dr. 郭, 聪 高能所 China
Mr. 金昌, 刘 高能所 China
Mr. 陈, 平涛 USTC China