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14-16 July 2017
West Building of School of Physics, Peking University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 46

downname institution position city country/region
Ms. CHAI, Yahui Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. CHANG, Lei Nankai University   Tianjin China
Dr. CHEN, Jian-ping Jefferson Lab Senior Staff Scientist Newport News, Virginia United States
Dr. CHEN, xuan Peking University postdoc Beijing China
Dr. FENG, Xu Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. GONG, Ming IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. HAGIWARA, Yoshikazu Kyoto University PhD student Kyoto Japan
Dr. HATTA, Yoshitaka Kyoto University   Kyoto Japan
Prof. HAXTON, Wick University of California, Berkeley   Berkeley United States
Dr. JIA, Yu IHEP   Beijing China
Ms. LIANG, Shuangran IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. LI, Hsiang-nan Academia Sinica Research Fellow Taipei Taiwan, China
Prof. LIN, Huey-Wen Michigan State University   East Lansing United States
Prof. LIU, Keh-Fei University of Kentucky   Lexington United States
Dr. LIU, Xiaohui Beijing Normal University   Beijing China
LI, Xiang School of Physics Peking University   Beijing China
Ms. LI, yuan Peking University   Bejing China
Prof. MA, Bo-Qiang Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. MA, Jian-Ping ITP, CAS   Beijing China
Dr. MA, Yan-Qing Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. MENG, Yu Peking University   Beijing China
Prof. PENG, Jen-Chieh University o Illinois Professor of Physics Urbana, IL United States
Mr. PENG, Zhang Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. QIU, Jianwei Jefferson Lab   Newport News United States
Mr. RENHUA, Wu peking University   Beijing China
Dr. SONG, Yu-kun University of Jinan   Jinan China
Prof. SONG, xingchang Department of physics,peking university prof. beijing China
Mr. TAN, Hongze UCAS Beijing Beijing China
WANG, Fan Nanjing Univ prof. Nanjing China
Prof. WANG, Wei SJTU   Shanghai China
XIONG, Chao Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. XU, Ji Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Doctor Shanghai China
Dr. YAN, Bin PKU   Beijing China
Dr. YUAN, Feng Lawrence Berkeley National Lab   Berkeley United States
Dr. YU, Rui Institute of High Energy Physics   Bei Jing China
ZHANG, HAO Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Jianhui University of Regensburg   Regensburg Germany
Mr. ZHANG, Kelong Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Zhenyu Wuhan University   Wuhan China
ZHAO, Junjie Peking University   Beijing China
Mr. ZHENG, Duxin Shandong University   Jinan China
Prof. ZHOU, jian ShanDong University   JiNan China
Dr. ZHU, Rui-Lin Nanjing Normal University   Nanjing China
Mr. 志鹏, 邢 INPAC 上海 上海 China
陈, 文 高能所   Beijing China