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4-7 June 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Young Engineers are encouraged to attend the open courses in 4th June. You can sign up when registering.

Time: June 4, 2018 

Place: C305, Main building, IHEP, Beijing           

Course 1 (8:30~12:00)

Speaker: Tripti Sekhar Datta, IUAC, Delhi, India


1.Role of Cryogenics and Superconductivity for Particle Accelerator (0.5 hour)

2.Thermodynamic Process for Helium Liquefaction (1 hour)

3.Helium Liquefaction Cycle (1.5 hour)

Professional experience:

Dr. Tripti Sekhar Datta is the head of Cryogenics and Applied Superconductivity Group of Inter University Accelerator Centre ( IUAC). His expertise is with the cryogenics, cryomodule, cryoline  for Accelerator . Currently his focus is on applied superconductivity particularly on MRI Magnet and HTS wire for power application. 


Course 2 (14:00~17:30)

Speaker: John Weisend II , Group leader, ESS


1.Large Scale Helium Cryogenics in Scientific Facilities (0.5 hour)

2.Cryostat Design (1.5 hour)

3.He II , superfluid Helium (1 hour)

Professional experience:

John Weisend is currently Deputy Head of Accelerator Projects and Group Leader for Specialized Technical Services at the European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden.  Dr. Weisend’s research interests include He II, cryogenic safety and large scale accelerator cryogenics.