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9-10 November 2017
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 44

downname institution position city country/region
ALI, Ahmed DESY Hamburg   Hamburg Germany
Dr. BAI, Yu Southeast University   Nanjing China
CALIBBI, Lorenzo Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Dr. CHENG, Shan Siegen University   Siegen Germany
Prof. CHEN, Mingshui IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. CHEN, Ning University of Science and Technology Beijing   Beijing China
Mr. DING, Jian-Nan Lanzhou University   Lanzhou China
Dr. DREWES, Marco UC Louvain   Louvain la Neuve Belgium
Prof. DUAN, Chun-Gui Hebei Normal University   Shijiazhuang China
Dr. EBERHARDT, Otto Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC)   Valencia Spain
Prof. GUIMARAES DA COSTA, Joao IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. HE, Min Shanghai Jiao Tong University PhD student Shanghai China
Dr. HUBER, Tobias Siegen University   Siegen Germany
Mr. HU, Yu 高能所   Beijing China
Dr. KE, Hongwei Tianjin University   Tianjin China
Prof. KHODJAMIRIAN, Alexander University of Siegen   Siegen Germany
Prof. LIANG, Zhijun IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. LI, Qiang School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. LI, Run-Hui Inner Mongolia University A.P. Hohhot China
LIU, Zhaofeng Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS   Beijing China
Prof. LI, Ying Yantai University   Yantai China
Prof. LYU, Xiao-Rui University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
MOCH, Paul University of Siegen Postdoc Siegen Germany
Dr. QIN, Qin Uni. Siegen   Siegen Germany
Ms. SHENG, Jin-Huan Xin Yang Normal University   Xin Yang China
Prof. WANG, Yu-Ming Nankai University   Tianjin China
Prof. WANG, rumin Xinyang normal university   Xinyang China
WANG, yue Xinyang Normal University   xinyang China
Dr. WAN, xia Shaanxi Normal University   xi'an China
Ms. WEI, Bin Xin Yang Normal University   XinYang China
Prof. WEI, Ke-Wei Anyng Normal University   AnYang China
Prof. YANG, Zhenwei Tsinghua University, Beijing, China   Beijing China
Dr. YOUNG, Charles SLAC   Menlo Park United States
Prof. YU, Fu-Sheng Lanzhou University   Lanzhou China
Dr. ZHANG (张), Zhen-Hua (振华) University of South China (南华大学)   Hengyang China
Mr. ZHANG, HAO Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
Dr. ZHANG, Yu Nanjing University   Nanjing China
Dr. ZHANG, Yu-Jie Beihang University   Beijing China
Dr. ZHOU , Sihong Inner Mongolia University   Hohhot China
Dr. ZHUANG , Xuai 高能所   beijing China
Dr. ZOU, zhi-tian yantai university   yantai China
樊, 莹莹 信阳师范学院   Xinyang China
沈, 月龙 ocean university of china   Qingdao China
Mr. 蒋, 华玉 兰州大学   兰州 China