—Qian: prepared a draft for the 2012 part of memo.


Comments from Dayong:

  1. Add some cite of previous part if necessary
  2. Make the structure more detailed such as underline
  3. Change title to “Result from 2012”
  4. Make the calculation of “13779” more clear


—Suyu: write a python code to calculate the systematic error of J/psi to 2B events.


—Ryuta: repeat the work of tiger efficiency on 2012, but the result need further check.




1.Next meeting will be held about Feb. 28, and Qian will send email to confirm the date.


2. discuss about how to reply to Zhou Xiaorong.


##Action lists:



1. Check in the update of memo

2.write a draft of reply to Zhou Xiaorong



1.check the work of tiger efficiency

2.write a reply to the 10th question of Zhou Xiaorong and send to Qian.