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Hands-on Training

  1. There are six hands-on training courses: SC Magnet (1 & 2), SC Cavity (3 & 4), Cryogenics (5 & 6). The 50 students will be divided into six groups: Group A to Group F. Each group has 8 to 9 students. Six groups will take the six hands-on training courses in turn at 15:00-18:00 every day.
  2. There are two instructors for each training course. Instructors are responsible for preparing the experiment apparatus and tools as well as an introduction presentation. Guided tours of the related facilities and workshops at IHEP are encouraged to be included in each training course.
  3. Instructors should introduce the science and engineering background, experimental objectives, basic physics and formulas, apparatus and setups, procedures and data analysis methods & tables etc. of the experiment using a PPT presentation on-site. In the end of the introduction, instructors should leave one or two questions for the students to answer before the end of the experiment. These questions may be used in the final examination. The introduction presentation slides should be uploaded to the school indico website for the students to prepare.

PDF file of Hands-on Training Program