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PKU HEP Seminar and Workshop (北京大学高能物理组)

The impact of EDGES 21-cm data on WIMP dark matter interactions

by Prof. Yuelin Cai (Academia Sinica)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 from to (Asia/Shanghai)
at CHEP ( B105 )
West Building, School of Physics, PKU
The recently announced results on the 21-cm absorption spectrum by the EDGES experiment can place very stringent limits on dark matter annihilation cross sections. We properly take into account the heating energy released from dark matter annihilation from the radiation epoch to the 21-cm observation redshifts in the radiative transfer to compute the evolution of the gas temperature. Our results show that the global 21-cm absorption profile is a powerful cosmological probe of the dark matter interactions. For dark matter annihilating into electron-positron pairs, the EDGES results give a more stringent upper limit than the PLANCK result on the annihilation cross section at the lower dark matter mass region.
Participants Lorenzo Calibbi; Xin Chen; Bin Chen; ran ding; Shu-Yuan Guo; Nick Houston; Tian Jia; Bin Li; Yandong Liu; Jing Shu; Yunxuan Song; Guojin Tseng; Dayong Wang; Qian-Fei Xiang; Ling-Xiao Xu; Qiang Yuan; Yu-Jie Zhang; Jiao Zhang; Dengfeng Zhang; Rui Zhang; S L ZHU; 律 吕; 世平 和; 李林 杨; 广娟 王; 东 胡; 浩然 蒋; 安康 魏