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12-17 August 2019
中国科学院近代物理研究所(Institute of Modern Physics, CAS)
Asia/Shanghai timezone


Core Courses Frontier Lectures
 Nuclear Structure Theory  Hiroshi Toki (RCNP)  Frontiers of Nuclear Physics  Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN)
 Nuclear Structure Theory  Masaaki Kimura (Hokkaido U)  Nuclear Cluster  Yanlin Ye (PKU)
 Nuclear Structure Experiment  Andrei Andreyev (York U)  High Energy Nuclear Physics  Yugang Ma (FDU/SINAP)
 Nuclear Reaction Experiment  Grigory Rogachev (TAMU)  Hypernuclear Physics  Takehiko Saito (RIKEN)
 Nuclear Astrophysics Theory  Maria Lugaro (HAS)  Active Target Experiment  Danier Bazin (MSU)
 Nuclear Astrophysics Experiment  Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (U. Tokyo)  Future Facilities in Asia

 Xiaohong Zhou (IMP)

 Weiping Liu (CIAE)

 Byungsik Hong (Korea U)

 Beam Optics  Daniel Bazin (MSU)