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Oct 13 – 16, 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Dark Matter (DM) is one of the most important questions to be understood and answered in fundamental physics. Observations with varied astronomical and cosmological technologies already pinned down that DM exists in the Universe, the Milky Way, and the Solar System. However, the understanding of DM under the language of elementary physics is still in progress. DM direct detection aims at testing the interactive cross-section in between galactic DM particles and the nucleons of an underground detector. Although Weakly Interactive Massive Particles (WIMPs) is the most discussed DM candidate, the null-WIMPs conclusion has been consistently addressed by most convincing experiments in the field. We were hoping to have you at Peking University on Oct 14-16 of 2019 to discuss the challenges of DM (WIMPs) direct detection; more important, figure out possible new opportunities for us to exploit the nature of DM. Invited speakers (including but not limited to): Richard Gaitskell, Brown U., USA, Dan Hooper, U. Chicago/Fermilab, USA, Takeyasu, Ito, LANL, USA, Isapel Lopes, U. Coimbra, Portugal, Dan Mckinsey, UC Berkeley/LBNL, USA, George Seidel, Brown U., USA. Organizers: Qing-Hong Cao, Peking U., CN, Junhui Liao, Brown U., USA. Peking University locates in the capital city of China, Beijing, which is dynamic and historical. Welcome to Beijing.
West Building, School of Physics, PKU