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20-26 October 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone

2019 Neutron School on China Spallation Neutron Source

20 - 26 October 2019, Dongguan China

Organized by China Spallation Neutron Source

China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) is the fourth pulsed spallation neutron source around the world. Currently instruments including General Purpose Powder Diffraction (GPPD), Multi-Purpose Reflectometer (MR) and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument (SANS) are in use. This October, CSNS will hold the 2019 neutron school in Dongguan. The participants attending the school will learn the basic theory about neutron scattering. Based on three established instruments in CSNS, participants will also understand the key point of the neutron scattering instruments in the development of material science including lithium battery, engineering material, magnetic film and soft matter. Meanwhile, participants will have the opportunity to carry out different experiments in the instruments at CSNS. Discussion and presentation in groups are included in the course.

The aim of the course is to let the students and young scientists to know the theory and development of neutron science, while the experiments will be able to deepen their understanding. The course will also accumulate the experience of CSNS holding the neutron school course. Meanwhile, it will be a good opportunity to build links between students, young scientists and instrument scientists in this field.

The course is for users having neutron scattering experiment background and potential users. The participants are limited in Master students, Ph.D students, postdocs and young scientists. (The participants are limited from China only.)

The number of participants is limited to 30-40.

Language: Chinese

No registration fee, but the participants should pay for transportation and accommodation fees by themselves. Lunch and dinner are included in the course, and 5 outstanding participants during the school will be selected to be paid with transportation and accommodation fees.


Program & Timetable

Starts Oct 20, 2019 08:00
Ends Oct 26, 2019 18:00


闫老师 0769-89254869

王老师 0769-89254869

唐老师 0769-89254869



建议入住松山湖 在水一方 商务酒店,10月20日下午注册设于此酒店大堂,且为班车接送点。附近其他可选酒店包括银丰逸居酒店、雅乐轩酒店、维也纳酒店、凯悦酒店。



1. 飞机

    1)深圳宝安国际机场:机场汽车站乘坐机场大巴 到松山湖城市候机楼(约50分钟),步行100米到在水一方酒店(推荐)

    2)广州白云国际机场: 乘坐机场大巴到大朗城市候机楼(约120分钟),转乘出租车到在水一方酒店

2. 火车

    1)虎门高铁站:乘坐 快215路 公交车到松山湖管委会站下车(约60分钟),步行600米到达在水一方酒店