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December 10, 2021
Central China Normal University
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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The 29th IOPP Seminar : 张丰收(Fengshou Zhang) 教授 , 北京师范大学 (Beijing Normal University), Dec. 10, 2021, Friday, 10:00am (Beijing time)


Time : Dec. 10th, 2021, Friday, 10:00am (Beijing time), Online.

Speaker: 张丰收(Fengshou Zhang) 教授 , 北京师范大学 (Beijing Normal University)

Title:Production of super-heavy and neutron-rich nuclei

Abstract :The synthesis and studies of superheavy nuclei are very important not only for exploring the existence limit of the charge and mass of atomic nuclei but also for understanding the structure of the universe. In recent years, we have carried out some studies on the production of superheavy and neutron-rich nuclei and obtained some interesting results. I will mainly present on the progress of production of super-heavy nuclei and neutron-rich nuclei.

报告人简介:Prof. Feng-Shou Zhang, Doctor of Science, Professor of Physics, Dean of the College of Nuclear Sciences and Technology of Beijing Normal University (BNU), Director of Beijing Radiation Center, Outstanding Young Investigator awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, One Hundred Talents Program awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Distinguished Professor ‘Jingshi Scholar’ awarded by BNU. Board Chairman of the Beam Technology Branch of the Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS), Board Chairman of the Radiation Ecology Branch of the China Society of Radiation and Protection (CSRP), Vice Board Chairman of the Beijing Nuclear Society (BNS), Vice Secretary of the Teaching Supervisory Committee of the Nuclear Engineering of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Nuclear Physics Society.

Prof. Feng-Shou Zhang’ researches focus on heavy ion nuclear physics, interaction of heavy ions with materials, beam technology and applications in medicine, biology, and agriculture.

会议主题:粒子物理研究所论坛(IOPP Forum)

会议时间:2021/12/10 09:30-12:30 (GMT+08:00) 中国标准时间 - 北京

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会议 ID:913-306-287