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11-15 May 2020
Gulou Campus of Nanjing University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Owing to the international impact of COVID-19, this workshop is postponed until further notice.  We are currently considering 2020/October/19-23.  However, given that many organisers are looking to 2020-October, we may delay the meeting for one entire year, i.e. until 2021/May/10-14.  We will update this page as further information becomes available.


INP page: https://inp.nju.edu.cn/Meetings/Workshops/20191206/i57970.html

This conference will explore modern developments in theory that are enabling science to develop an understanding of the emergence of mass in the Standard Model and its many consequences, many of which are fundamental our existence and some that lay beyond the Standard Model itself. It will highlight developments in nuclear theory, as they are relevant, e.g. to the formation and structure of nuclei and the nature of dense astrophysical objects, and in hadro-particle physics, stretching from hadron spectra, through elastic and transition form factors, and on into charting the distribution of gluons and quarks within hadrons. The impact of these developments on developing realistic extensions of the Standard Model will also be explored.


Primary Topics:

  Ab initio description of nuclear structure and interactions

  Hadron spectroscopy, including hybrid and exotic states

  Hadron interactions with electromagnetic and strong probes

  Nuclear and hadro-particle astrophysics

  Parton structure of hadrons and derived insights into the distribution of mass, momentum and spin

  Physics case for the electron ion collider in China (and in the USA)


Organising Committee

  Xiao-Yun Chen @ JIT

  Zhu-Fang Cui @ NJU-INP

  Craig Roberts @ NJU-INP (Chair)

  Chao Shi @ NUAA

  Chang Xu @ NJU-INP (co-Chair)

  Shu-Sheng Xu @ NJUPT

  Pei-Lin Yin @ NJUPT

Starts May 11, 2020 09:00
Ends May 15, 2020 18:00
Gulou Campus of Nanjing University
1st Floor Lecture Room of Science and Technology Building
No. 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, China