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from October 30, 2021 to November 2, 2021
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Most charming dibaryon


  • Yan LYU


A pair of triply charmed baryons, $Ω_{ccc}Ω_{ccc}$, is studied as an ideal dibaryon system by $(2+1)$-flavor lattice QCD with nearly physical light-quark masses and the relativistic heavy quark action with the physical charm quark mass. The spatial baryon-baryon correlation is related to their scattering parameters on the basis of the HAL QCD method. The $Ω_{ccc}Ω_{ccc}$ in the $^1S_0$ channel taking into account the Coulomb repulsion with the charge form factor of $Ω_{ccc}$ leads to the scattering length $a^C_0\simeq−19$ fm and the effctive range $r^C_{\text{eff}}\simeq0.45$ fm. The ratio $r^C_{\text{eff}}/a^C_0\simeq$−0.024, whose magnitude is considerably smaller than that of the dineutron $(−0.149)$, indicates that $Ω_{ccc}Ω_{ccc}$ is located in the unitary regime.