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27-31 July 2020
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The workshop on “RHIC BES Physics – theory and experiment” will be hold in Beijing, July 27-31, 2020. It aims to present and discuss recent developments and future directions on both theoretical and experimental sides, related to heavy-ion collisions at RHIC Beam Energy Scan energies. The focuses of this workshop are flow and hydrodynamics, critical and noncritical fluctuations, complemented by overviews and updates on related topics such as chirality, vorticity, future experimental facilities, etc.

This workshop will also be imbedded in a 3-week summer program on “Theoretical developments and Dynamical Modeling for RHIC BES” from July 20 through August 7, 2020, hosted by the Center of High Energy Physics at Peking University (CHEP @ PKU). For more information, please refer to https://indico.ihep.ac.cn/event/11496/

Song, Huichao (PKU)
Heinz, Ulrich (OSU)
Xu, Nu (CCNU / IMP /LBL)

Huang, Mei (UCAS)
Liu, Yuxin (PKU)
Wang, Qun (USTC)
Zhuang, Peng-Fei (Tsinghua U)

Contact :
Lv Lv (lvlv@pku.edu.cn)
Huichao Song (Huichaosong@pku.edu.cn)

CHEP    PKU    Tsinghua U     UCAS     IMP, CAS     USTC




Starts Jul 27, 2020 08:00
Ends Jul 31, 2020 18:00
School of Physics, PKU