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29-30 May 2020
Asia/Shanghai timezone

为加强国内高能物理学界学术交流,北京大学高能物理研究中心将于2020年5月29日-30日举办第24届LHC Mini-Workshop。


  • 曹俊杰(河南师范大学)Why should we extend MSSM and NMSSM?
  • Gao Linqing(中科院高能所)Exploring Fermionic multiplets Dark Matter models through precision measurements at the CEPC
  • 高俊(上海交通大学)Modeling of t-channel single top-quark production at LHC
  • 李营(烟台大学)3-body decays of B meson
  • 刘坤(上海交通大学)Higgs property measurement at LHC
  • 刘佐伟(南京大学)Enhanced Long-Lived Dark Photon Signals at the LHC
  • 舒菁(中科院理论所)TBA
  • 王锦(中科院高能所)Higgs property prospect at Run3
  • 谢柯盼(韩国首尔国立大学)EW baryogenesis and gravitational waves from a composite Higgs
  • 徐达(中科院高能所)SUSY status at LHC
  • 岩斌(Los Alamos National Lab)TBA
  • 袁强(中科院紫金山天文台)Boosted Diurnal Effect of Sub-GeV Dark Matter at Direct Detection Experiment
  • 于江浩(中科院理论所)Nature of Higgs Boson: SMEFT or HEFT or more?
  • 张岑(中科院高能所)A convex geometry perspective to the SMEFT space
  • 张昊(中科院高能所)The Phases in Yukawa Interactions
  • 张华桥(中科院高能所)Producing and detecting long-lived particles at different experiments at the LHC
  • 张雷(南京大学)BSM Higgs Physics at LHC


联系方式: 吕律 Tel:13488752420 E-mail: lvlv@pku.edu.cn


Starts May 29, 2020 08:00
Ends May 30, 2020 12:00