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Construction of EoS with a critical point

Speaker: Claudia Ratti (Houston Univ.)

Time: Jun. 15(Tuesday)  6:00am (San Fransisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 6:30pm(New Delhi), 9:00pm (Beijing), 10:00pm (Tokyo)

Abstract:  I will review recent results on QCD thermodynamics from the lattice, in particular the equation of state and its expansion to finite density. I will then construct a family of equations of state, all of which reproduce the lattice QCD one at small density, and all of which include a critical point in the 3D Ising model universality class. The position of the critical point, size and shape of the critical region are free parameters, that hopefully will be fixed through comparison with experimental data from the second beam energy scan at RHIC.

Chair:  Swagato Mukherjee

ZOOM link: Please register here, the ZOOM link will be send in the comming Tuesday by group email. By attending this event you agree to the seminar and discussion being recorded and posted on the seminar web site.


Onedrive link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqZNz3C3L8E3gXJIcko5BGORpsf1?e=xvnj3S

Baidu link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1r74LTrN8KvD9ngVmWzBElg