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15-19 November 2021
Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), CAS
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 175

name institution position downcity country/region
Mr. KUMAR SHUKLA, Saurabh Physical Research Laboratory Research Fellow Ahmedabad India
LARIN, Ilya University of Massachusetts Amherst   Amherst United States
Prof. MISKIMEN, Rory University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Amherst United States
Prof. PHILLIPS, Daniel Ohio University   Athens, Ohio United States
ESCRIBANO, Rafel Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona   Barcelona Spain
ROYO, Emilio Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Institut de Fisica d'Altes Energies (IFAE)   Barcelona Spain
Dr. SANCHEZ PUERTAS, Pablo IFAE   Barcelona Spain
Dr. GATTO, Corrado INFN & NIU   Batavia United States
Mr. CAO, Xiong-Hui Peking University   Beijing China
CHEN, Tong IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. CHEN, Hao Peking University   Beijing China
Dr. CHEN, Yun-Hua University of Science and Technology Beijing   Beijing China
Mr. DONG, Xiang-Kun Institute of Theoretical Physics   Beijing China
Prof. FANG, Shuangshi IHEP   Beijing China
GUAN, Zhilin IHEP   Beijing China
Prof. GUO, Feng-Kun ITP, CAS   Beijing China
Mr. GUO, Wei Beijing Normal University   Beijing China
Mr. JIANG, Tingjun IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. LYU, Yan School of Physics, Peking University   Beijing China
NIJIATI, Yalikun ITP-CAS   Beijing China
SHANSHAN, su IHEP   beijing China
Prof. SHEN, Xiaoyan IHEP   Beijing China
Mr. SHI, RongSheng IHEP   Beijing China
WANG, YING IHEP   Beijing China
Dr. WU, Jiajun University of Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing China
ZHANG, Yanxue IHEP   Beijing China
ZHAO, Zihan IHEP   Beijing China
ZHENG, Wenjing IHEP(高能所)   Beijing China
Prof. GENG, Li-Sheng Beihang University   Beijing China
Prof. YE, Zhihong Tsinghua University   Beijing China
Mr. SHAIN PORUVELIL, Sachin University of Massachusetts, Amherst Graduate student BELCHERTOWN United States
Dr. CRUZ-TORRES, Reynier independent Postdoctoral researcher Berkeley United States
RULE, Evan University of California, Berkeley   Berkeley United States
Dr. WALKER-LOUD, Andre Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Staff Scientist Berkeley United States
Dr. HERMANSSON-TRUEDSSON, Nils Universität Bern Postdoc Bern Switzerland
HOFERICHTER, Martin University of Bern   Bern Switzerland
Dr. HOID, Bai-Long Universität Bern   Bern Switzerland
NOËL, Frederic ITP, Uni Bern   Bern Switzerland
Mr. BLACKSTONE, Patrick Indiana University Graduate Student Bloomington United States
Dr. GONZÀLEZ-SOLÍS, Sergi Indiana University   Bloomington United States
PASSEMAR, Emilie Indiana University/JLab   Bloomington United States
Mr. ALHARAZIN, Herzallah Ruhr University Bochum-Institute for Theoretical Physics II   Bochum Germany
Mr. CONRAD, Nils Dirk Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
EPELBAUM, Evgeny Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
Dr. FILIN, Arseniy Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
Dr. GASPARYAN, Ashot Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
Dr. GEGELIA, Jambul Ruhr-Universität-Bochum   Bochum Germany
Mr. HILLENKÖTTER, Dominic Ruhr-University Bochum Student Bochum Germany
Dr. KOERBER, Christopher Ruhr-University Bochum   Bochum Germany
MENG, Lu Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
MÖLLER, Daniel Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
Ms. PANTELEEVA, Julia Ruhr University Bochum   Bochum Germany
Mr. AKDAG, Hakan Bonn University   Bonn Germany
HOLZ, Simon Bonn University PhD Student Bonn Germany
Dr. KAMIYA, Yuki Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik Postdoc Bonn Germany
KUBIS, Bastian HISKP, Bonn University   Bonn Germany
Dr. LIN, Yonghui Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics, Bonn University   Bonn Germany
Prof. MEIßNER, Ulf-G. Bonn University / Forschungszentrum Jülich   Bonn Germany
MÜLLER, Fabian HISKP Univerity of Bonn   Bonn Germany
NIEHUS, Malwin Bonn University   Bonn Germany
Mr. SEVERT, Daniel HISKP University of Bonn   Bonn Germany
STAMEN, Dominik Bonn University   Bonn Germany
Mr. ZANKE, Marvin Bonn University PhD Student Bonn Germany
Prof. DAI, lingyun hunan university   changsha China
Mr. MILLER, Nolan University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   Chapel Hill United States
Prof. NICHOLSON, Amy UNC, Chapel Hill   Chapel Hill United States
Prof. POCANIC, Dinko University of Virginia Professor Charlottesville United States
LONG, Bingwei Sichuan University   Chengdu China
Mr. SHAIKH, Sabiar The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai PhD student Chennai India
SCHINDLER, Matthias University of South Carolina   Columbia United States
Prof. STRAUCH, Steffen University of South Carolina   Columbia United States
Dr. FURNSTAHL, Richard Ohio State University Professor Columbus United States
Dr. PEREZ DEL RIO, Elena INFN-LNF   Cracow Poland
Mr. HERMSEN, Felix GSI Darmstadt   Darmstadt Germany
ISKEN, Tobias GSI Darmstadt   Darmstadt Germany
GISBERT, Hector TU Dortmund   Dortmund Germany
RICHARDSON, Thomas Duke University   Durham United States
RUTH, David University of New Hampshire Research Assistant Durham United States
Prof. SLIFER, Karl University of New Hampshire   Durham United States
Dr. DRISCHLER, Christian FRIB/MSU   East Lansing United States
LEE, Dean Michigan State University Professor East Lansing United States
HODGSON, Raoul University of Edinburgh PhD Student Edinburgh United Kingdom
Dr. ANTONELLI, antonella INFN-LNF researcher Frascati Italy
Prof. GASPARIAN, Ashot North Carolina A&T State University Professor Greensboro United States
Dr. SUN, Bao-Dong South China Normal University   Guangzhou China
Dr. ZHOU, Yiyu South China Normal University   Guangzhou China
ZHOU, Daren Nanfang College, Guangzhou   Guangzhou China
Dr. MA, Yao HIAS, UCAS   Hangzhou China
Dr. NAKAMURA, Satoshi University of Science and Technology of China   Hefei China
TAO, Luyan University of South China   hengyang China
Dr. DAHIYA, Harleen Dr B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Associate Professor Jalandhar India
Dr. DUTT, Suneel Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of technology Jalandhar Assistant Professor Jalandhar India
Dr. KUMAR, Arvind Dr B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar Punjab India   Jalandhar India
Ms. TIWARI, Shivanshi Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar Postgraduate Jalandhar India
SONG, Yu-kun University of Jinan   Jinan China
Dr. NOGGA, Andreas Forschungszentrum Juelich   Juelich Germany
Dr. HAIDENBAUER, Johann Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH   Juelich Germany
LE THI, HOAI HOAI LE THI/ Forschungszentrum Jülich   Jülich Germany
Dr. PÉREZ DEL RIO, Elena Jagiellonian University   Krakow Poland
Dr. SKIBINSKI, Roman Jagiellonian University   Krakow Poland
Dr. WANG, Xiongfei Lanzhou University   Lanzhou China
Prof. LUCA , Girlanda University of Salento   Lecce Italy
Dr. MEZIANI, Zein-Eddine Argonne National LAboratory   Lemont United States
Dr. PENG, Chao Argonne National Laboratory Assistant Physicist Lemont United States
Mr. HUSSAIN, GHULAM Tsinghua University ,   Liaoning China
CULVER, Christopher University of Liverpool   Liverpool United Kingdom
Dr. GUPTA, Rajan Los Alamos National Lab Laboratory Fellow Los ALamos United States
Prof. BIJNENS, Johan Lund University   Lund Sweden
HUSEK, Tomas Lund University   Lund Sweden
SJÖ, Mattias Lund University (dept. of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics) doctoral student Lund Sweden
SANZ-CILLERO, Juan Jose Universidad Complutense de Madrid & IPARCOS   Madrid Spain
Dr. ALIBERTI, Riccardo Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz   Mainz Germany
Prof. BACCA, Sonia Johannes Gutenberg University Professor Mainz Germany
Ms. DEINEKA, Oleksandra Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz   Mainz Germany
Dr. HEIJKENSKJÖLD, Lena Mainz University   Mainz Germany
Dr. LENSKY, Vadim JGU Mainz   Mainz Germany
Mr. LI MULI, Simone Salvatore Johannes Gutenberg University   Mainz Germany
Mr. LI MULI, Simone Salvatore Johannes Gutenberg University   Mainz Germany
Prof. POHL, Randolf Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany Professor Mainz Germany
Dr. REN, Xiu-Lei Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz   Mainz Germany
Dr. MCGOVERN, Judith , University of Manchester,   Manchester United Kingdom
Mr. BRANDES, Len Technical University of Munich PhD student Munich Germany
Prof. GUO, Zhi-Hui Southeast University   Nanjing China
JIANG, Shao-zhou Guangxi University   nanning China
Ms. ZHANG, Jin Guangxi University Postgraduate nanning China
Dr. EDWARDS, Robert Jefferson Lab Senior Staff Scientist Newport News United States
PARK, Sungwoo Jefferson Lab   Newport News United States
Dr. RODAS, Arkaitz College of William and Mary Postdoc Newport News United States
Dr. SOMOV, Alexander Jefferson Lab   Newport News United States
CHEN, Jian-ping Jefferson Lab   Newport News, Virginia United States
DEUR, Alexandre Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility   Newportnews United States
BERNARD, Véronique IJCLab   Orsay France
Dr. MOUSSALLAM, Bachir Université Paris-Saclay   Orsay France
Prof. SPARVERIS, Nikos Temple University   Philadelphia United States
Prof. MARCUCCI, Laura Elisa University of Pisa   Pisa Italy
Dr. VIVIANI, Michele Istituto Nazionale di FIsica Nucleare, Sezione di Pisa   Pisa Italy
KADAVY, Tomas Charles University   Prague Czech Republic
KAMPF, Karol Charles University   Prague Czech Republic
Dr. KOLESÁR, Marián Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Charles University   Prague Czech Republic
NOVOTNY, Jiri IPNP Praque   Prague Czech Republic
LI, Lingfeng Brown University Postdoc Providence United States
LIU, Tianbo Shandong University   Qingdao China
Mr. LI, Gang Qufu Normal University   Qufu China
Prof. GOLTERMAN, Maarten San Francisco State University   San Francisco United States
Dr. ZAMORA, Renato CIDCA FACH   Santiago Chile
DEKENS, Wouter INT   Seattle United States
Dr. ILLA, Marc University of Washington Postdoc Seattle United States
Prof. SEKIGUCHI, Kimiko Tohoku University   Sendai Japan
KO, Pyungwon KIAS   Seoul Korea, Republic of
Dr. BHARTI, Monika Shoolini University HP   Solan India
PASTORE, saori washington university in st louis   st louis United States
JIN, Luchang University of Connecticut   Storrs United States
Dr. KAHLBOW, Julian MIT & Tel Aviv University   Tel Aviv Israel
Dr. SHAMIR, Yigal Tel Aviv University   Tel Aviv Israel
Dr. TONG, Hui Tianjin Normal University   Tianjin China
Ms. FILANDRI, Elena Università di Trento PhD candidate Trento Italy
Prof. GAO, Haiyan BNL and Duke University   Upton United States
Dr. KELLY, Christopher Brookhaven National Laboratory Associate Research Scientist Upton, NY United States
Dr. DU, Meng-Lin IFIC, University of Valencia   Valencian Spain
Dr. HU, Baishan TRIUMF   Vancouver Canada
Dr. HAGELSTEIN, Franziska Paul Scherrer Institute   Villigen Switzerland
DOI, Takumi RIKEN   Wako Japan
Dr. BERLOWSKI, Marcin National Centre for Nuclear Research   Warsaw Poland
MAI, Maxim The George Washington University   Washington United States
Prof. GRIESSHAMMER, Harald W. Institute for Nuclear Studies, George Washington University   Washington DC United States
Prof. GAN, Liping University of North Carolina Wilmington professor Wilmington United States
Dr. KANG, Xiaolin China University of Geosciences   Wuhan China
Dr. BULAVA, John DESY Staff Scientist Zeuthen Germany
王, 石 IHEP   北京 China
Mr. 衢智, 李 北京大学   北京 China
Prof. 张(ZHANG), 雷(Lei) 南京大学(Nanjing University)   南京 China
Mr. ZOU, YuanHe 广西大学   南宁 China
肖, 志广 四川大学物理学院   四川成都 China
魏, 乐乐 郑州大学   郑州市 China