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Hadro-particle physics is entering a new era: facilities capable of operating at high energy and with unprecedented luminosity are beginning operation, working toward construction, or being planned.   Consequently, hitherto impossible measurements are now either achievable or conceivable.  To guarantee sound evaluations and interpretations of their outcomes, phenomenology and theory must advance in step.  This workshop will feature phenomenology and theory presentations that identify the paths which must be taken in order to answer the most pressing unsolved problem in the Standard Model.  Namely, what mechanisms are responsible for the emergence of nuclear size masses for light-quark hadrons from the Lagrangian of quantum chromodynamics?  They will be merged with presentations in experiment that highlight the potential of new-generation facilities to deliver the data that can validate the predictions and hence complete the picture of mass and its consequences in the Standard Model.


This workshop, which is intended to be largely face-to-face, will take place over three days

          2021 October 25 (Monday) - 27 (Wednesday)

at the

         Nanjing University Institute for Nonperturbative Physics

The workshop will include presentations on experiment, phenomenology, and theory.  Selected talks by researchers outside China will be delivered using the ZOOM platform.

Naturally, your participation on-site (or remotely) is welcome.


Organising Committee:

Starts Oct 25, 2021 08:00
Ends Oct 27, 2021 18:00