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Automatic High-Granularity Timing Detector Module Assembly with Gantry System

Aug 11, 2022, 2:50 PM


Hao Zeng (IHEP)


The large increase in pileup interactions is one of the main experimental challenges for the HL-LHC project. The High Granularity Time Detector (HGTD), based on low gain avalanche detector technology, is therefore proposed to reduce the pileup contribution at HL-LHC. The basic component of the HGTD detector is the detector module, which consists of one module flex and two bare modules. The module flex is attached to the two bare modules with an adhesive with 100um placement precision and 50um adhesive thickness requirement. The HGTD detector consists of 8032 such modules, about 3000 of which will be assembled at IHEP. In order to assemble such a huge amount of modules at a reasonable rate, a high-precision robotic pick-and-place system, consisting of an excellent motion platform with less than 1 um repositioning resolution, Keyence intelligent vision system, Nordson glue dispenser, and flexible piping system, was built at IHEP clean room. A lot of custom tools and one C++ Qt program to control the gantry system were also developed for fully automatic module assembly. Several digital modules, consisting of two ASICs and one module flex, and real modules, consisting of two bare modules and one module flex, were assembled with this gantry system and those custom toolings. The wire bonding was performed very well for both the digital modules and real modules. In addition, some typical metrology results for those modules are also within the specification. The gantry system, assembly details, and the performance result of the assembled modules will be shown in the poster.

Primary author

Hao Zeng (IHEP)

Presentation materials