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The R&D of ultra fast MCP-PMT

Aug 11, 2022, 9:30 AM
Oral report 粒子物理实验技术 Parallel Session VII (5):Particle Detector Technology


Ms Lishuang MA (Institute of High Energy Physics)


Small-size Micro-Channel-Plate Photomultiplier (MCP-PMT) has attracted extensive attention in the fields of high-energy physics, medical imaging and biological detection due to its ultrafast temporal resolution. We introduce the R&D of novel MCP-PMT with ultrafast rise time (RT) and transit time spread (TTS), which is called fast timing PMT (FPMT). We mainly introduce two kinds of FPMTs, including the single anode FPMT and 8X8 anodes FPMT. The time performance of FPMTs are optimized by simulation and experiments. The results show that by optimizing the structure of FPMT, the RT of single-anode FPMT is greatly improved from nanosecond level to picosecond level, and the TTS is also bettering from 71 ps to 35.8 ps. Furthermore, by improving the partial voltage of each electrode of the FPMT, the RT and TTS were also further optimized. The time performance and uniformity of 8X8 anodes FPMT will be be introduced in detail.

Primary author

Ms Lishuang MA (Institute of High Energy Physics)


Dr Sen Qian (高能所)

Presentation materials