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Hadronic charm hadron decays at BESIII

Aug 10, 2022, 8:50 AM
Oral report 强子物理与味物理 Parallel Session III (2):Hadron and Flavor Physics




BESIII has collected 2.93 and 6.32 fb^-1 of e+e- collision data samples at 3.773 and 4.178-4.226 GeV, respectively. We will report the observation of a new a0 resonance and amplitude analyses of Ds -> KSK+pi0, KSKSpi+, pi+pi0eta', KK3pi, Kpipipi0, and pi+pi0pi0. We will also report the transverse polarization determination in D0 -> omega phi, the KS/KL asymmetry studies in D0 -> KLX (X=eta, eta', omega and phi), observation of the new decay mode D^*0 to D^0 e^+e^-, and the measurements of the branching fractions of some D0(+) CF and DCS decays will also presented. In addition, BESIII has collected 4.5 fb^-1 of e+e- collision data between 4.6000 and 4.6999 GeV. This unique data offers ideal opportunity to determine absolute branching fractions of Lambda_c+ decays. We will report the first observation of Lambda_c+ -> npi+.

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