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May 6, 2022
Asia/Shanghai timezone
2022 年度 CEPC 束流管及铍相关应用研讨会计划重点就束流管的机械设计展开讨论,主要包括以下议题: We plan to discuss following topics at this workshop: 第一,确保在满足物理探测需求的基础上,研讨相关设计参数及设计指标的先进性,方案可行性及存在问题; First, Discuss on current design and optimization possibilities of the central beampipe based on the understanding of the physics requirement and parameters; 第二,讨论安装在束流管上的相关探测器部件---顶点探测器、BPM和LumiCal等的设计要求,最佳方案组合,并开展发散性讨论; Second, Discuss on the interface of other components with the beampipe, like LumiCal, BPM, Vertex, and so on; 第三,与铍相关的技术应用介绍和讨论 Third, Discuss on the applications of beryllium parts on CEPC or other projects 因疫情原因,会议拟采用线上线下相结合的方式进行,线下地址为中国高等科学技术中心 402 会议室,线上 ZOOM 会议室信息如下: Meeting URL 会议链接:: https://ihep-ac-cn.zoom.us/j/81052243706?pwd=d2pRSllXR1pTc1hxRXgvSUQ4blpCZz09 Meeting ID 会议号: 81052243706 Password 会议密码: 714853 会议拟安排高能所至会议室的统一交通,如有需要,请在注册项目中的“交通方式”选择“现场参会——从高能所出发” We will arrange the shuttle between CCAST and IHEP. If you plan to take the shuttle, please select "In-person —— depart from IHEP" in the "Transportation" section when you register. 如有问题,请联系: If you have more questions, please contact: 魏泽琪(weizq@ihep.ac.cn) 吴亚茹(wuyaru@ihep.ac.cn)
402 会议室