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随着希格斯粒子的发现以及天文和宇宙学的发展,超出标准模型新物理的研究也步入了一个新阶段。为了进一步加强我国在该领域青年人才培养,促进学术交流与合作。南京师范大学将于2022年7月4日-22日举办2022年理论物理前沿讲习班:暗物质与新物理暑期学校。 暑期学校将邀请国内外相关专家学者为高年级本科生、研究生和博士后进行为期3周的系统授课。课程内容将主要涉及粒子物理标准模型、新物理模型与有效理论、暗物质理论与唯象、对撞机物理与机器学习、精确计算与重味物理、中微子物理与早期宇宙学、引力波物理与探测等。 鉴于当前疫情和各地防疫政策,本次暑期学校授课方式将采用线上方式进行。 本次暑期学校得到了国家自然科学基金委(理论物理专项)、南京师范大学理论物理研究所、彭桓武科教合作中心、天体物理与前沿物理交叉中心共同资助,由南京师范大学主办,北京工业大学、烟台大学协办。 会务组(按姓名字母顺序排列): Peter Athron、Andrew Fowlie、何秉然、何军、黄红霞、黄日俊、金立刚、刘宁、卢致廷、王琦、王雯宇(co-Chair)、武雷(Chair,leiwu@njnu.edu.cn)、吴永成、易凯、钟彬、祝斌(co-Chair)、朱瑞林 地方指导委员会(按姓名字母顺序排列): 郭立波、平加伦、肖振军 With the discovery of Higgs particles and the development of astronomy and cosmology, the research of new physics beyond the standard model has also entered a new stage. To further strengthen the training of young talents in this field and promote academic exchanges and cooperation. Nanjing Normal University will hold the 2022 theoretical physics frontier workshop: dark matter and new physics summer school from July 4 to 22, 2022. The summer school will invite experts at home and abroad to give systematic lectures for senior undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students for three weeks. The course content will mainly cover the standard model of particle physics, new physical model and effective theory, dark matter theory and phenomenology, Collider Physics and machine learning, precise calculation and heavy flavor physics, neutrino physics, and early cosmology, gravitational wave physics and detection, etc. Given the current epidemic situation and local epidemic prevention policies, this summer school will be online. The summer school is jointly funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Institute of theoretical physics of Nanjing Normal University, Peng Huanwu science and education cooperation center, and the center of Astrophysics and frontier physics. It will be hosted by Nanjing Normal University and co-organized by Beijing University of technology and Yantai University. Local Organization Committee: Peter Athron, Andrew Fowlie, Bing-ran He, Jun He, Hongxia Huang, Rijun Huang, Ligang Jin, Ning Liu, Chih-Ting Lu, Qi Wang, Wenyu Wang (co-Chair), Lei Wu(Chair,leiwu@njnu.edu.cn, Yongcheng Wu, Kai Yi, Bin Zhong, Bin Zhong (co-Chair), Ruilin Zhu Scientific Committee: 郭立波、平加伦、肖振军